SourceAudio Launches Sonic Search – The Music Search Revolution Has Begun!

SourceAudio's new SonicSearch technology enables users to search for music for license by uploading audio files to find similar results


SonicSearch is here and it's now available on all SourceAudio network sites!

SourceAudio is proud to announce the release of Sonic Search, a technology which will radically reshape the way music is searched and discovered.  Developed entirely in-house, Sonic Search allows users to upload any audio file and return results that are musically similar to the song the user has uploaded.

Here's how SonicSearch works:

  • Every song in the SourceAudio cloud is analyzed by SonicSearch to generate a unique fingerprint for that song based on the instruments used and specific musical indicators
  • When you upload a song to find a similar result, the uploaded file goes through the same process and is compared with our SonicSearch index to find your matches
  • Matches are rated and ranked by their similarity to your uploaded track and can be further refined with filters or keyword searches
  • Quick tip: Drag & drop also works for quick and easy uploading...give it a shot!

Co-Founder and CEO Geoffrey Grotz comments “Search, particularly in the world of sync licensing, has relied entirely on metadata...which has been a below average experience at best.  By analyzing the signal a musical piece generates we’re able to find similar signals and when combined with metadata refinement the results are absolutely astounding.”

Sonic Search initially will launch across the 208 SourceAudio member sites which include  industry leading music labels, ad agencies, broadcast and production companies.  Additionally, Sonic Search can be integrated into proprietary and other 3rd party music search and delivery systems.

For site owners and admins: To enable or disable SonicSearch on your site, just go to your Admin Panel > Edit Site Settings > Search and set your preference on or off.

One final thought: SonicSearch will continually be improved upon and new releases will be made available on a regular basis. You'll notice the already high-quality matches get even better and better over time. We're never done making this the best platform available anywhere!

Monday, 26 November 2012