How-To of the Week: Using Your Site’s Marketing-Focused Home Page Experience

No need to run 2 sites in parallel - SourceAudio provides more than just music search and delivery

There's no need to run 2 sites in parallel - SourceAudio provides more than just music search and delivery

A fairly common question we get from clients is, "How do I integrate my SourceAudio site into my main site so that it feels like it's all part of the same site experience?". We know that libraries and publishers have business needs to support beyond music search and delivery. Running two sites in parallel has its obvious issues and creates a disjointed experience. So, we have 2 great solutions that will allow you to manage just 1 single site on the SourceAudio platform and it will give you the ability to meet all of your business needs in one single location:

Solution 1: The built-in home page experience

We created this tool to allow site owners to create a marketing-focused home page that integrates many marketing-centric features nicely into the front-door of your music search and delivery site. Here are two working examples of sites that have their built-in home page experiences set up nicely:

To get started with this feature on your own site just go to Admin Panel > Custom Pages > Home, and you'll see the tools for each page section right there. You can also easily create new custom pages for things like contact info, video reel embedding etc. in that Custom Pages section too. The home page and custom page tools use a simple WYSIWYG interface that allows you to do pretty much anything you'd like to do on your home page and custom pages. From publishing blog posts to embedding music & video players to posting basic details about your company and how to contact you, the home page and custom page tools allow you to do everything. Here is a quick video walk-through on how to set up your new built-in home page experience:

Solution 2: Custom Development Services

Some libraries, publishers and composers want an even more custom front end on their home page so for these clients we offer our custom development services to help them achieve their goals. Here's a great example of one site on our platform that gave us a great front end design and our dev team integrated it into their site's home page: Noise Heap . The nice guys at Noise Heap provided us with the design and our development team pulled it together for them. We're all really happy with it.

To proceed with this custom home page option we simply encourage you to find a designer, work on your ideal page layout, look and feel, and then contact one of us over here at SourceAudio to obtain a quote.

If you have any questions about how to tap into everything SourceAudio offers you to achieve your desired results for an integrated home page experience, feel free to contact us at anytime!


Tuesday, 5 February 2013