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Assist Young Filmmakers & License Your Music

License Your Music to Students at AFI

License Your Music to Students at AFI

The American Film Institute Music Licensing Program

AFI is America's promise to preserve the history of the motion picture, to honor the artists and their work and to educate the next generation of storytellers. AFI provides leadership in film, television and digital media and is dedicated to initiatives that engage the past, the present and the future of the moving image arts.

AFI offers a two-year program to aspiring filmmakers and each student is required to produce 2 films - one for each year - during their time at AFI. The first-year film is for internal distribution only. Second-year students produce a graduate film that can be distributed to film festivals and a variety of short-film focused digital platforms.

This SourceAudio music licensing program allows libraries to license music on a per-synch basis to students making both first and second-year films. Please visit your Programs and Opportunities section in your Admin Panel to learn more about the program, it's details, and licensing terms. If you'd like to help students enhance the production value of their projects while also earning some revenue from the placements, then this program is for you. Apply and enroll today!


New: Add Comments to Tracks at Specific Points Within Their Timelines

Leave comments for your users & clients to see at specific points in your track's timelines.

Leave comments for your users & clients to see at specific points in your track timelines

Help Your Clients Find What They're Looking for Faster

We're really excited about this new feature and we're happy to get it into your hands today. Admins can now post and pin comments to specific points within a track's timeline so that your users and clients can quickly identify and jump to the key spots in the song you'd like them to hear. You can leave as many comments on a single song as you'd like and you can edit or delete past comments at any time. Comments are visible to all site users and they display on both the track details page and the waveform line listing view of track list pages (see above and below). Any Admin who has comment capabilities enabled (see Admin-role-access post) can post , edit and delete comments on your site.


Comments also appear in the waveform view of track list pages.

Comments also appear in the waveform view of track list pages.

How Do I Post, Edit and Delete Comments?

To post a new comment: Go to the track details page of the song you'd like to comment on by clicking on the track's title. Just above the waveform on the right you'll notice the new comment form field, the "at" field,  and a "Post Comment" button. Simply type your comment into the new field, indicate the point in the timeline (at mm:ss) that you'd like the comment to appear, click "Post Comment" and you're done. Once the comment is posted you and your users will notice a new small marker appearing in the timeline where you placed the comment. As the song plays past the comment marker a new comment bubble overlay will appear to reveal your notes and comments to your users.

To edit or delete a comment: When the comment bubble appears you'll notice two links on the bottom left of the module -- Edit Comment & Delete Comment. Click on each of these and follow the prompts to edit or remove an existing comment.

We hope you get a lot of great use out of this new comments feature. Go comment away!



New Feature: Create and Manage Admin-Level Access Roles Within Your Site

Allow access to specific tools for each type of user on your site

Allow access to specific tools for each type of user on your site

All Admins Are Not Always Equal

Companies and teams have members and role players that need varying levels of access to the systems they interact with on a regular basis. Until now, all SourceAudio sites came with one level of Administrator Access: Full access to everything. We're happy to announce the launch of our new "Admin Roles" tool that allows you to create your own admin-level roles, define the tools & settings each role can access, and then apply that role to individual users.

Here's a quick example of the new tool in action: Say you have a sales team that needs access to user stats, creating & managing users, and publishing and tracking playlists but you don't want them to be able to edit or delete music from the site. With this new Admin Roles tool you can hide the upload tool and the ability to edit or remove tracks completely from all salespersons on your site. You never have to worry about someone touching something they shouldn't touch ever again!

Admin-Level Controls

Access to the following tools & features can now be granted or restricted from any admin user on your site:

  • Change Site Settings including Access, Layout, Appearance etc.
  • Edit Home Page/Custom Pages
  • Edit Metadata and Add/Remove Tracks
  • Feature Content/Publish Playlists
  • Manage Other Admin Users
  • Manage Buyers, Syndication, & Requests
  • Manage Licensing (for those with online licensing turned on)
  • Create & Manage Users
  • Send and Embed tracks & Manage Comments

How To Use This New Tool

Setting up new roles and applying them to users is simple. To get started go to Admin Panel > Manage Users > Admin Roles and follow these steps:

1. Click the "Create Admin Role" button and you will see the "Select Role Options" area appear.

2. Name your new admin role. Something simple like "Salesperson" that can be applied to each of your salespeople who, for example, don't need upload access, site setting access, etc. would make sense.

3. Check the box next to each admin tool & feature that you would like to enable for this new role. Save the new admin role at the bottom when you're done making these selections.

4. To apply this new role to a user, go to the Edit Users tab also within the Manage Users section of the Admin Panel. Look up the user you wish to edit, click on their name, scroll down to the "Admin Permissions" drop-down, and select the Admin Role you wish to apply to this user. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom and you're all done!

Enjoy this great new feature and stay tuned for more exciting stuff coming at you very soon!