Custom Services Rate Card

Custom Design and Development

We are proud of being able to deliver custom branded sites to all of our partners who tap into everything the platform has to offer. We know that sometimes the breadth & depth of tools, customization capabilities, and features made available to you might not always meet some of your most specific business needs. With that in mind we have created our custom services development program so you can get absolutely everything you want out of your site without having to wait. With this program you will work with a dedicated resource who will be your main point of contact throughout the entire custom development process. We will listen to your requests, develop the proper specifications based on your needs, provide designs where necessary, develop your custom software, test, and integrate it on your site. Here are a few common scenarios that you can have done for your site and business with this new program:

• Custom UI/layout

• Building new features from scratch

• Custom display of metadata that cannot be handled through the existing tool set

• New custom page setup

• Adapting existing features to meet your specific needs

• Integration of any third-party code, widgets, etc.

• Re-designing the look and feel of your site (style, logo, etc.)

The cost for project management, specification drafting, design, development and testing time is a flat $200 per hour. We'll always provide you with an up-front estimate on time and cost based on the scope of your custom request. Feel free to contact us at anytime with questions and feel free to reach out to us anytime and get into our development queue with your new custom request!


Metadata & General Site Updates / Support

We also offer a full range of metadata and general site management / support services. Got a spreadsheet that's not importing properly? We can manually fix that. Want to make updates to entire catalog but don't have the time to do it on your own? We can handle it. Do you need help tagging your tracks with moods, styles, keywords, genres, cue types, and other musical attributes? We've got experienced music professionals who can do that too. Our metadata support staff is experienced, fast, and knows the SourceAudio platform (and older metadata software systems) in and out. If you need help with any of your metadata or just want to get your changes done very quickly we can handle everything for you. Our rate for these services is only $75 per hour for regular metadata support, and $3 per track** for listening to and tagging your music. Here's a quick rate breakdown of our tagging services:

Master tagging - $3

Master tagging plus custom fields (BPM, Lyrics, other non-standard fields) - $5

Stem tagging - $0.75

Metadata embedded into the files (Soundminer or iTunes) - $1

ASCAP registration - $1

** The quoted price includes a maximum of one round of changes after the initial spreadsheet is delivered.