Music in post-production made easy.
Search, receive, audition, drag & drop, and collaborate + export cue sheets without ever leaving Adobe Premiere.
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Simplify your music and cue sheet workflow
  • Save Time…
    Focus on your project and simplify your workflow without ever leaving your Adobe Premiere environment!
  • Receive Tracks in the Cloud…
    Receive individual tracks or entire playlists inside Adobe Premiere. Drag and drop tracks right into your timeline with ease.
  • Music Search & Discovery…
    Search any SourceAudio site inside Adobe Premiere. Create, receive, and manage your music playlists.
  • Export Complete Cue Sheets…
    Creating cue sheets has never been easier or faster. Export Rapid Cue formatted cue sheets directly from the timeline. Tap into metadata from over 20M tracks (and growing) on the SourceAudio platform!
BETA version available now!
Install the FREE SourceAudio Panel Here:
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  • OSX & Windows Compatible
    The SourceAudio panel works in both Windows and OSX. Access any sites on the SourceAudio platform that you have an active account with!
  • Firewall Access
    Are your edit bays locked down by a firewall? No problem, we can give you simple instructions on how to enable secure access to our panel
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