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Send Playlists to Anyone – Registered or Unregistered

Send playlists to anyone, registered or un-registered

It's done! Admins now have the ability to grant unrestricted access to playlists when sending them to unregistered/not logged in users. All playlists can now be sent to any user, anywhere, anytime, and they'll be able to access the entire playlist regardless of the overall site access settings. Also, direct download links in the outgoing email body are now available as well. Your clients will be able to download a full zip folder containing the complete contents of the playlist without having to ever leave their email.

Here's how it all works:

1. Click the "Email Link" icon next to the playlist you want to send. Notice the new checkboxes and URL at the bottom of the email overlay.

2. On the top line that begins with "Grant Access....",  you can expire the link after a specific number of days of your choice or you can make it available forever.

3. On the second line you have the option to enable the direct file download links in the email body. Please note that you have to send the email through your SourceAudio site in order for these links to be embedded in the email body. We can't control what's in the body of an outgoing email that's sent from another program. When your client receives the email message notifying them of the new playlist they can simply click the new download link in the email body that initiates the download instantly. Even if your site has Registration Required this new feature will work for all users.

4. Lastly, you can simply copy & paste the link at the bottom and send it to whomever you want to receive the playlist. All users, logged in or logged out, will be able to audition the playlist with this link. Feel free to send it from your email program of choice - just note that since some users won't be logged in and SourceAudio can't tell who you're sending it to from your own email program, your stats and reporting on the playlist will be slightly limited. We'll be able to track the number of opens and the logged in users who opened it. We'll know the IP address of non-logged in users who opened it as well. So, you'll get a really good picture of the activity on the playlist, you just won't have all of the names of the logged out users who accessed it.

There it is! Your playlists can be sent to any user, logged in or logged out. So, start sending some playlists!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012
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Published Playlists Are Live!

SourceAudio published playlists

Published Playlists Now Appear On Their Own Tab

Following up on last week's release of Playlist Enhancements Part 1, "Published" playlists are now live! Published playlists are great for creating packages of tracks and promoting them on your site and on the Buyer Network. Publishing your first playlist is very simple.

Here's how it works:

  1. Create a playlist you would like to promote just like you would create any other playlist
  2. In the "More Actions" drop-down on the upper-right of the playlist page, click on the new "Publish" link
  3. Choose whether or not you want the playlist published to ONLY your site or BOTH your site AND the Buyer Network (if you have opted into the Buyer Network)
  4. You will then be prompted to create your new "Playlist" tab - upon accepting the prompt it will be instantly added to your tab navigation area
  5. You're done, and all other published playlists will now appear on your new Playlists tab

Naturally there will be some questions around certain behaviors with these new published playlists so here are a few rules we're presuming will help answer most of the questions everyone will have:

  1. Any admin can create and publish a playlist to the Playlist tab
  2. Any admin can publish or un-publish any playlist on their site, regardless of who created and published it
  3. If the playlist is shared between multiple admins, any of those admins can edit, delete, add/remove tracks, and publish/un-publish that playlist
  4. Any admin can publish and un-publish any playlist from the Buyer Network

To add more published playlists to your site simply view the playlist, click the "Publish" link under the "More Actions" drop-down, and you're set. Coming next will be the direct email downloads and improving how private playlists are sent. Stay tuned...it won't be long!


Monday, 14 May 2012
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New Features Available: Playlist Enhancements Part 1

Collaborate with co-workers and clients on shared playlists

Last week we released another great set of features for everyone on the network. We improved playlists in Part 1 of 2 of our current 'Playlist Enhancement Project'. Part 1 is now live and Part 2 (more details below) will be live later next week. Here are the details on what's now available after this latest release for Part 1 of playlist enhancements:

1. Collaborate with others to manage and update the same playlist

Ever wanted to share access to a playlist with co-workers, other salespeople on your team, or even clients so that they can make updates to it and add or remove items? Well now you can with the new "Share/Collaborate" feature on every playlist page. With this new feature you can give read-only or full-editing rights to as many people as you'd like with just a couple of clicks. One awesome new part about this feature is that when someone else is viewing the same playlist as you at the same time you'll see who else is viewing it, in real-time, so you know someone else might also be making changes. Even if they do make changes you'll see them reflected in the project in real-time, right on the page you're viewing - it will actually live-update right in front of you. Admins can see all users who are viewing the playlist, and regular users can only see admins. Now go collaborate away!

2. Add images and descriptions to playlists

Just like albums, artists, labels, and catalogs, you can now add images to playlists. Just click the "Edit Playlist Info" link in the "More Actions" drop-down on any playlist and you'll see the info overlay appear. These descriptions and images are going to become more and more important for discovery as we continue to add additional buyer sites to the network. The better and more complete your descriptions, the more easily they'll be discovered in search results, and the more often your playlists and tracks will be put in front of network buyers.

What to expect in 'Playlist Enhancements Part 2' coming next week:

  1. You will be able to add a new "Playlists" tab to your site to feature your best or most-timely packages and playlists to all users by publishing them in one simple click. We're calling this new type of Playlist "Public", meaning all users to your site will be able to view these new public playlists without having to receive a direct link.
  2. We're making sending a private playlist even easier. At times your site settings (sites that require registration along with music access profiles that affect track visibility for certain users) can interfere with playlist access and not all tracks appear as expected for non-logged in users. We're improving this. If you create a private/non-public playlist and you send the link directly to a user, they'll be able to view all tracks in that playlist within the context of that playlist regardless of your site settings and music access profile limitations. This will make it much easier to send your non-logged in clients bundles of tracks and you won't have to worry about them not seeing every track you want them to audition and download.
  3. Your clients will have direct access to download playlists straight from their emails. This is the last improvement to Playlists we're making in Part 2 and it's going to make downloading playlists fast and extremely simple. When a Playlist is emailed through your site to a client/user, they will have the option to skip going to the site altogether and they can simply download the playlist straight from their email. This will work just like YouSendIt, but you'll never have to leave your SourceAudio site. Pretty cool stuff.

So there it is. We'll let everyone know when Part 2 is done! Stay tuned...and as always, feel free to reach out with any questions.

Thursday, 3 May 2012
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SourceAudio Now Offering YouTube Monetization to All of Its Partners

SourceAudio has partnered with AdRev to make YouTube monetization simple

Another simple & streamlined way to earn revenue with your content on SourceAudio!

We're proud to announce an exciting new partnership with AdRev, a leading YouTube monetization administrator and ally of anyone who owns music copyrights that are found on YouTube. Through this new partnership we now have the ability to automatically sync your catalog with the YouTube Content ID System. When new music is added to your site it automatically gets synced to YouTube's Content ID System and claimed on your behalf. AdRev then monitors, optimizes and administrates the ad campaigns and tracking on your copyrights. Every quarter you will receive a check for the ad revenue (minus small admin fees) your content has earned through the hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of plays you've accumulated on YouTube. Every unofficial commercial, trailer, show segment or other content your music appears in can now be monetized and the ad revenue goes straight to you!

Here's how it works:

AdRev is a program that administrates the monetization of YouTube’s Content ID system on behalf of music and video copyright holders (record labels, publishers, production music libraries, TV studios) by serving advertisements on YouTube videos.

In short, we find every YouTube video containing your content, run ads over and / or next to the videos, collect the advertising revenue from Google, and remit your portion of the ad revenue to you. Those who opt into this new program will have access to a powerful reporting dashboard, through which they can monitor their monthly plays, revenue earned, total number of copyrights claimed, and more. You will have total transparency and full control over your copyrights and corresponding ad revenue.

Getting Started:

To get started, simply call or email your main SourceAudio rep/contact and we'll get you started. There's nothing more for you to do than simply say, "Go for it!".

Monday, 9 April 2012
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What’s on the Roadmap?

Here's what's coming in the near future from SourceAudio

With the metadata embedding feature launched and behind us we're looking forward to launching the next few big items on our roadmap. Here's what you can expect to see in the upcoming weeks:

  1. Relocating the player to the top of the site. Here's why: it's more prominent, it takes up less space, it's much better for the tablet/mobile experience, and it plays right into feature #3 on this list.
  2. Relocating login/sign up to the upper right of the site. Here's why: Once we moved the player the login was the only piece that was left at the bottom. Following UI conventions set by Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, etc. and all other sites that rule the Internet, we moved login/sign up to the upper right where all users naturally look for it.
  3. Project/Playlist enhancements. "Projects" will be re-named "Playlists" across the site since that's what they were referred to by 90% of our users anyway. This won't change a thing about your existing projects though. What will change, along with the updated player, is the ability to quickly jump to "next" and "previous" tracks in the list from the player, and turn on/off autoplay through the list. Like iTunes, Soundcloud etc. we're enabling autoplay on lists to make listening and discovering tracks even easier.
  4. Playlists Page. This one has been in the works for a while and we're excited to roll it out. Now instead of managing all of your projects/playlists from your "My Projects" widget, you'll have a dedicated page, like an Albums list page, for all of your playlists. You can easily send, edit, download, make playlists public/private, and even collaborate with other admins on your site right from that page.
  5. Direct project/playlist downloads from emails. No longer do users have to visit your site to download projects/playlists. When you send them the link via the project email system they'll be able to download the tracks to a zip folder from right there.

After these items launch we've got more stuff like better control over the color/style of your site through tools, a genre/sub-genre "advanced search" page, and embedded player that you can embed onto other sites/blogs, and better control over custom pages. No ETA on any of this stuff yet but it's on our roadmap and we'll get to it soon!

We'll let everyone know as each of these items launches. You'll be hearing from us again soon!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012
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