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Moving Beyond Search: The New Integrated Pitch and Request System


New Landing Page on all SourceAudio Buyer Sites

Opening Up New Opportunities for Everyone on the Platform

Powerful music search is a baseline requirement for all of us which is why we're proud of the metadata and SonicSearch technologies that power the SourceAudio platform. Search plays a critical role on both the buy and sell sides of our music licensing and content production businesses. But, there are additional ways we can connect buyers and sellers on our platform that don't rely purely upon search and discovery. We are proud to announce the new Pitch & Request System integrated into ever single SourceAudio site.

Everyone in our space is familiar with sending or receiving music requests which initiates usually a phone or email exchange, a music search, and then a music pitch. SourceAudio's new Pitch & Request System replicates this real-world experience, but we make it faster, easier, and we open up both buyers and sellers to an ocean of new opportunities.

Here's How It Works:

Buyers on the SourceAudio platform - entertainment marketing companies, production companies, ad agencies, and more - have a new landing page that presents them with two simple options: Search or Get Pitched. When "Search" is selected they simply enter their SourceAudio site as usual and begin their search on their own. When "Get Pitched" is selected they are taken to the new Pitch Request form you can see right here:


The New Pitch Request Form On All SourceAudio Buyer Sites

The New Pitch Request Form On All SourceAudio Buyer Sites

Music Buyers will describe their music needs in this simple form. The following information will be collected:

  • Request/Project Title
  • Max budget
  • Description of their music needs + musical references like YouTube links if they have any available
  • Documents such as briefs can be uploaded and attached to the request submission as well
  • Buyers can then hand-pick the publishers they wish to receive this request, or they can easily submit it to every single publisher/seller on the network

What Music Sellers Can Expect

When a new music request has been posted it will go out via email to every publisher/seller included by the buyer in the Pitch Request form. Sellers will simply follow the link in the email to visit the Request Detail Page where they can see all of the parameters and needs for the request. Here is what an example Pitch Detail Page looks like:

Review the Pitch Request and Respond Quickly With Playlists, Albums or Tracks

Review the Pitch Request and Respond Quickly With Playlists, Albums or Tracks

Responding to requests and pitching tracks couldn't be easier. At the bottom of the Pitch Detail Page is the Music Pitch Form. To respond to this request with your music pitch, simply paste one of the following links from your own SourceAudio site into the form:

  • A single track
  • A playlist
  • An album

Add a short comment at the bottom of the form, click the "Submit My Pitch" button, and you're done. The buyer will instantly receive an email including your music pitch link, your comments, and then of course your contact info should they wish to contact you about your music and their project.

Final Thought

This new Pitch and Request System launch is Phase 1 of 2 for what we have planned. Phase 2, set to launch in November, will include a new Pitch Request Center located at Anyone in need of music - a SourceAudio network or non-member - can fill out a general Pitch Request Form and music publishers/sellers on the platform will have the opportunity to pitch music for these new opportunities as well. It will open up a ton of new opportunities for everyone on the network.

So, post your requests, submit your pitches and discover new opportunities to connect with other members of the SourceAudio network! Best of luck to everyone!


ExpandMusic with Noel Webb Talks SourceAudio and Sync Licensing with the Industry’s Top Music Supervisors

Check out this clip from ExpandMusic with Noel Webb as Noel talks with some of the industry’s top music supervisors and about the art of finding the perfect music for your trailer or film. Listen and hear why SourceAudio is quickly grabbing the attention of top music professionals, like Vaughn Kebler at Paramount Pictures.

Be sure to listen to the show at ExpandMusic with Noel Webb  

Special thanks to Noel Webb, Red Lab Records, Spider Cues, and Shock Files 



Another White Label Launches: Artists First Music

Artists First Music

Artists First Music - Where the artist comes first.

The 9th white label site on the Source Audio music search & distribution platform launched this weekend. Artists First Music offers production music for license from their catalog consisting of 1,904 tracks, 11 albums, and 32 artists. This is just their first music import onto the platform and we're sure their online catalog will grow in the near future. Check out their super high-quality production music right here!


Selectracks’ White Label Site Launches

SelecTracks Launches With Over 5,000 Songs Available for License
SelecTracks Launches With Over 5,000 Songs Available for License

Now with 5,460 songs available for license on the SourceAudio SaaS platform, Selectracks becomes the 3rd white label site to launch since the new year. These guys are taking advantage of the free setup costs and new channels of distribution the SourceAudio white label platform provides our music representative partners. Selectracks' catalog is made up of 5 labels, all currently available for fast playback, downloading and licensing right now: Selectracks, DocuTracks, Selectracks Song Catalog, Trailer Tracks Toolkit, and Valentino. Stay tuned as they add more tracks to their site over time.


In The Groove’s White Label Site Launches

In The Groove's White Label Music Licensing Website
In The Groove's White Label Music Licensing Website

We launched our second white label (SaaS) site with In The Groove's music licensing site going live last month. ITG has over 1,400 titles on their branded music management and distribution platform and plan to add more soon. While ITG's tracks can still be found among the 120,000+ tracks on, their white label site gives them full control over the look, feel and distribution of their tracks. ITG's site launched just weeks after Fuze Artz launched their own white label site on December 4, 2009.

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