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• Push music and metadata updates to any SourceAudio site for FREE • Unlimited delivery partners supported for FREE • Pay only $249 / Terabyte to direct ftp transfer your files to 3rd party systems • Utilize preset schemes for faster 3rd party DIY delivery setups • Full technical support and setup assistance
Delivery to other SourceAudio sites is always FREE!
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File Delivery Just Got Faster, Easier and More Affordable Than Ever!
3rd Party File Delivery
Deliver formatted updates to each of your partners - regardless of which system they use - for only $249/TB of Transfer!
The Creative Agency Network
Connect and sync your files directly with SourceAudio creative agency music search sites FOR FREE!
Sub-Publisher / Agents Network
Deliver or sync music files and metadata with unlimited partners who also host music on SourceAudio FOR FREE!
Deliver Formatted Filenames, Folders and Metadata to Any Client or Partner Via…
Agents File Delivery
Quickly send your latest album releases for fast administration by your sub publisher / agent.
Push your updates to 3rd parties without ever having to open Excel or your FTP client!
SourceAudio Sync
Automated, hands-free instant updates -- set up your connection and deliver every future update instantly!
Full-featured SourceAudio hosting plans start at $29/mo. Limited-use agent update sites are FREE!
Here's How It Works:
Upload your music and metadata to your own SourceAudio site.
Contact SourceAudio and we will associate your site with your SourceAudio hosted partners / agents / sub-publishers.
Utilize preset schemes or DIY tools to define your file naming conventions and desired folder structure to deliver to external 3rd partners. Save each partners profile for fast & easy delivery updates in the future.
SourceAudio-to-3rd Party
Define your filenaming conventions, specific folder structure, the portion(s) of your catalog you'd like to send, and deliver your files instantly to any partner on any system.
Whether your agent wants to manipulate the metadata you send or utilize fully-automated synchronized updates, SourceAudio has you covered!
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Full-Featured Hosting Plans Start at Just $29/mo and the First 30 Days Are FREE!
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