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Custom Branding & URL
Our white-label solution
allows you to make your
site feel like your own.
Teamwork Simplified
Collaborate on projects,
music searches, cue sheets,
file uploads, metadata & more.
Host Any format
We support MP3, WAV & AIFF
plus host alt formats like
AAC, Ogg, PDF, DOC & more.
Unlimited Users
Include as many users as
you need at varying levels
of access and capabilities.
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Who Uses SourceAudio?
SourceAudio Provides Hosted Music Search & Distribution Solutions for a Variety of Companies Across the
Media Landscape and Beyond!
Publishers & Sub Publishers
Publishers and Sub Publishers serve
their clients, pitch new opportunities,
and reach new customers daily on
Indie Labels
Indie labels utilize our industry leading
search, metadata, and pitch capabilities
to get music into the hands of music
supervisors quickly and efficiently.
Radio Imaging & Production
From pre-made imaging and music beds to
sound bites, radio production co's distribute
audio assets daily on SourceAudio.
Brands are creating more media content than
ever and SourceAudio helps companies host
their owned and preferred rate audio assets
to produce great creative and stay
copyright compliant.
Studios & Networks
Film Studios and Networks host their
published music to facilitate b2b
marketing and new licensing opportunites.
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