About Us

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SourceAudio makes it easier than ever to distribute, discover, download, and license music.  From theatrical trailers to business presentations, SourceAudio provides its clients and users with the definitive music licensing platform.

SourceAudio hosts hundreds of thousands of music and sound design tracks available for searching, distributing, and licensing. Our clients have the ability to manage their tracks with easy distribution features, customizable track metadata, and advanced reporting tools that allow monitoring of external plays, downloads and other user behavior. Additionally, SourceAudio maintains client branding, including the option for hosting on a client's URL. SourceAudio is the definitive music licensing and distribution solution.

Meet the Team

From left to right: Ryan, Dan, Geoff, Andrew, and Brent

Geoffrey R. Grotz, Co-Founder and CEO

Geoffrey Grotz is the CEO and co‐founder of SourceAudio and SourceMedia LLC.  A proven entrepreneur in 2002, Geoff created, funded, and co‐founded GameTrailers.com, later sold and acquired by MTV Networks in 2005.  With expertise in business strategy, development, management, and execution Geoff has centered his sights on revolutionizing the music licensing industry with the SourceAudio platform.  Serving as VP at MTV Networks and working as an independent Producer/Editor for major A/V marketing campaigns in Film, Broadcast, and Video Game marketing have given Geoff unique cross‐mediaexperience.

Ryan Cramer, Co-Founder and VP of Tech

Ryan Cramer is the VP of Technology for SourceAudio and SourceMedia LLC and is an accomplished web developer. He received a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech before joining MTV Networks where he quickly rose to the role of Lead Programmer. Since going freelance, he has continued to hone his skills, working on websites and programs in a myriad of different areas, such as e‐commerce, online video, social networking, gaming, advertising, product aggregation, and venture capital.

Dan Korobkin, Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Business Development

Dan Korobkin serves as a VP of Sales and Business Development for Source Media LLC and is also the founder and owner of CueMx LLC, a post‐production music supervision company based in Los Angeles. Prior to CueMx, Dan was the VP of Post Production at Creative Domain (currently Trailer Park) serving as Chief Production Engineer, Director of Operations and Music Supervisor.

As a 17‐year veteran of post‐production marketing, Dan has worked in almost all facets of the post‐production arena while always staying close to his primary idiom of music production and licensing.

His musical background also includes a degree in Music from U.C.L.A and laundry list of musical projects as a performing musician and music director.

Andrew Harding, Co-Founder and Head of Product

Andrew Harding is the co-founder and head of Product Development for SourceAudio. In his past he was the Vice President of Product Development at MTV Networks in Los Angeles. He shapes and executes user experience, content, product development, and new media strategies for small to large‐sized businesses. He has extensive experience in online video and digital content distribution, e‐commerce, digital marketing, and delivering user‐facing product solutions that leverage the latest in relevant digital strategies and technologies. He has worked closely with major entertainment companies like MTV Networks, Comedy Central, Spike TV, and the UFC just to name a few. He has an MBA from Washington State University.

Brent Phillips, VP of Digital Strategy

Brent Phillips is the VP of Digital Strategy for Source Audio. Expertise in a variety of fields such as programming, database management, system architecture, scaling of web applications, product development, and community design gives him a unique edge in developing strategy and vendor relationships for a tech‐heavy company like Source Audio. Brent has a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.