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Our best-in-class feature set, reliability, and consistent innovation make us the music CMS of choice for the world’s biggest music companies, media groups, and broadcast/streaming networks. We are the launchpad for your music business.

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    Music Catalogs, Labels, & Publishers
    • Manage your entire catalog on our best-in-class platform
    • Total control over settings, style, and user access
    • Unlock all features & opportunities
    Music Supervisors & Content Creators
    • Tap into your own perfectly curated selection of catalogs and leverage our best-in-class AI search tools + direct connectivity to the music publishers.
    Broadcast & Streaming Networks
    • Enhance your creative, work more efficiently, find music faster, and benefit from a full suite of tools & features built specifically for 75 top broadcast networks and counting.

    All This and More in One Easy-to-Use Interface

    The Power of AI
    • Natural Language Search
    • Generate rich, descriptive metadata for your catalog
    • Find similar music with audio files or links
    • 14+ years of development & innovation
    • Super-serves catalogs, broadcasters, and end users alike
    • Integrated access to downstream essentials & opportunities
    Sales & Distribution
    • Direct DSP distribution
    • YouTube Content ID
    • Synch licensing opportunities
    • Connect directly with broadcasters, partners, & clients
    Royalty & Income Support
    • TV Monitoring
    • Radio Monitoring
    • YouTube
    • International publishing admin
    Monitoring & Reporting
    • Television
    • Radio
    • YouTube
    • International

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    SourceAudio is a must-have production tool for every music production and music publishing company. The software is easy to navigate, customer support is fantastic. Most importantly, our end-user clients have told us how this helps expedite music searches. We're big fans!

    – Rob Aster, RRHOT

    We have found SourceAudio to be a valuable partner. In addition to the benefit of hosting our library, they have created several income-producing opportunities for our catalog. We have also utilized their technology to track down and collect on music performances that were never properly licensed.

    – Bryan E. Miller, Sensory Overload Music

    SourceAudio has been a game-changer for Tonal Chaos Trailers! We utilize many of their features daily, and we find it to be an irreplaceable tool. Creating and sharing playlists, monitoring search data, and the ease of distribution make SourceAudio our go-to platform for all things music!

    – Marc Aaron Jacobs, Tonal Chaos

    SourceAudio came highly recommended to us from trusted sources. We were impressed with what we saw from day one. The platform's embedded metadata handling is the best I've seen in this space. This helps clients and prospects find our music faster. We want to be taken seriously in this highly competitive industry and SourceAudio gives us that credibility. Great tech. Great team.

    – Randall Shattuck, Supernatural Sounds

    In my experience, SourceAudio is the only platform out there that integrates the full capabilities of running your own music library with e-commerce without the extensive need of hiring a web designer at all. It's like a Swiss Army knife when it comes to hosting either your own music or an entire label. It has all of the features you need, and you can be up and running in a matter of hours, love it!

    – Rafael Krux, Dual Horns Studio LTD

    SourceAudio is the production music standard for organization and delivery of cues. We've been using SourceAudio for years because its playlist creation and delivery functionality is crucial to our business.

    – Abby North, North Music Group

    The future is here! As founder/CEO of Digital Music Consulting, after overseeing metadata creation for 500,000+ tracks, I can proclaim this a game changer! I'd always dreamed of feeding in a cue and getting correct, efficient data analysis. That day has arrived. I'd highly recommend adding this AI Data set to metadata (especially aggregate systems); it's so rich and targeted. Now composing daily for TV, this immediate data creation lets me get new music to editors and supervisors much faster. Bravo Source Audio!

    – Doug Bossi, iSPY MUSIC

    We've been looking and demoing a couple of tagging companies/platforms. After a quick look at a few cues, this is better than any of them at a fraction of the cost. I look forward to using SA's tagging AI.


    Impressive, mind-blowing, time-efficient!!! I would give it an 80%-95% accuracy. Now my question to you is how to regain the hours, days, months, and years of Meta tagging? :)

    – Leland Bond, LELAND BOND MUSIC

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