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We Power Music Hosting, Search & Discovery for Hundreds of Companies
Over 15 million tracks hosted by 4,000+ labels, libraries, publishers, broadcasters and brands on one powerful & connected platform.
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Publishers, Sub Publishers, and Labels Connect Directly with Agencies,
Production Companies, Broadcasters, and Each Other on the SourceAudio Cloud.
The One-Stop Solution for
Professional Music Publishers
Create your own custom branded music search and delivery
site to make music licensing fast and simple for you and
your clients. Plus, gain access to the Creative Agency
network and a variety of other sales & revenue generating
opportunities available on the platform.
Plus Everything You Need
to Find and License Music
SourceAudio is a platform for pros. We create custom
branded setups for clients who need a controlled, accessible,
and connected music search system. Our advanced search,
collaboration, and suite of professional features will
enhance your creative, make your life easier, and save you money!
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