What We Do

Based in Los Angeles, SourceAudio’s best-in-class music CMS platform hosts more than 27 million songs from a diverse mix of production music libraries, indies, and major publishers who gain direct access to the largest and most influential content creators and broadcasters/streaming networks in the world via our network. With unrivaled music search, metadata features, team collaboration, and a licensing user experience at its core, SourceAudio creates additional value through integrated broadcast monitoring, cue sheet automation, publishing administration, e-commerce, and industry-wide licensing opportunities. Its full-stack solution serves as the launchpad to unlocking instant downstream revenue opportunities like YouTube ContentID, DSP distribution, and licensing to podcasters, radio groups, television, and beyond. With a game-changing AI-powered search, generative metadata, and generative audio solution, “The CMS for Music” revolutionizes the landscape by setting the new standard for productivity, creativity, and reporting & collection accuracy in the music-for-commercial-media business.

Founders & Execs

Geoffrey Grotz

Geoffrey Grotz is the CEO and co-founder of SourceAudio. A proven entrepreneur, in 2002 Geoff created, funded, and co-founded GameTrailers.com, which was later sold and acquired by MTV Networks in 2005. With expertise in business strategy, development, management, and execution, Geoff has centered his sights on revolutionizing the music licensing industry with the SourceAudio platform.

Dan Korobkin

Dan Korobkin serves as a President of Sales for SourceAudio and is also the founder and owner of CueMx LLC, a post-production music supervision company based in Los Angeles. Prior to CueMx, Dan was the VP of Post Production at Creative Domain (currently Trailer Park), serving as Chief Production Engineer, Director of Operations, and Music Supervisor.

Andrew Harding

Andrew Harding is a co-founder and leads many strategic partnership relationships and biz dev initiatives for SourceAudio. He is also co-founder of a direct-to-consumer wine company called Nocking Point Wines. In the past he was a VP at MTV Networks in Los Angeles.

Ryan Cramer

Ryan Cramer is the CTO and co-founder of SourceAudio and is an accomplished software developer. He received a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech before joining MTV Networks, where he quickly rose to the role of Lead Programmer. Since leaving, he's worked full time on developing SourceAudio's complex technical infrastructure while honing his skills on other projects in diverse areas, such as e-commerce, video game development.

Brent Phillips

Brent Phillips is the Chief of Engineering for SourceAudio. Brent got his start building GameTrailers.com and after they were acquired by MTV Networks, he went on to run the Spike Digital Entertainment tech department, overseeing several departments and websites. He left in 2010 to join some of his former colleagues at SourceAudio.

Hunter Williams

Hunter Williams is Executive Vice President of Intellectual Property and Business Development for SourceAudio. Hunter spent 20 years at SESAC, one of the three U.S. performing rights organizations, most recently in the position of Senior Vice President, Strategic Development/Distribution and Research Operations.

Douglas Reed

Douglas Reed is Executive Vice President of Business Development / Radio and Library Services. For 22 years prior to joining SourceAudio, Reed had been Vice President/Creative Director of the BRG Music Works Division of Premiere Networks. While with Premiere, the industry vet developed dozens of music libraries and imaging services for the company.

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