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11 reasons to tap into our best-in-class generative metadata solution

  1. Increase Accuracy
  2. Ensure your entire catalog always has its best foot forward with complete, comprehensive, consistently accurate metadata everywhere it can be found.

  3. Enable Consistency
  4. No matter how large your catalog, consistency in terminology, categorization, and descriptive output is guaranteed.

  5. Save Time & Money
  6. Using our generative metadata solution, songs can be accurately be tagged in seconds and at a fraction of the cost vs. other traditional methods. This can significantly streamline the process of tagging and categorizing music in databases of any size.

  7. Personalize Experiences
  8. Leveraging generative descriptive metadata to create personalized music recommendations based on user preferences, listening history, and mood preferences, leading to improved user engagement and retention.

  9. Optimize Search
  10. Our model taps hundreds of thousands of inbound search queries each week to understand exactly how content creators are describing the music they are looking for, and we apply this to our generative metadata model to ensure your metadata is on-trend and on-time.

  11. Generate Playlists
  12. Utilizing generative metadata to dynamically generate playlists based on various factors like user mood, time of day, activities, or contextual events, leading to more engaging and relevant playlists.

  13. Enhance Curation
  14. Enabling music platforms to curate and discover new music based on the generative metadata analysis, thereby promoting lesser-known songs and artists, and expanding the music selection they tap into.

  15. Enable Interactivity
  16. Integrating generative metadata into interactive music streaming platforms, where users can customize aspects of a song (e.g., instrument mix, tempo) to create personalized versions of the music they love.

  17. Optimize for Synch
  18. Using generative descriptive metadata to match music to specific media content like films, advertisements, or video games, ensuring a seamless and appropriate fit between music and visuals.

  19. Improve Reporting
  20. Employing generative metadata to create unique IDs for each song, aiding in copyright protection, ownership tracking, and royalty reporting.

  21. Uncover Trends & Insights
  22. Leveraging generative metadata to analyze music consumption patterns, identifying emerging trends, and making data-driven decisions for content acquisition and promotion.

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