Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SourceAudio?

SourceAudio is a cloud based sync licensing white label platform for music publishers and administrators to manage, search, distribute and monetize their audio assets.

SourceAudio is also a network and marketplace for music licensing buyer and sellers. With SourceAudio you get the best of both worlds: a powerful, premium music website PLUS the opportunity to be included in many exciting sales and distribution programs we make available to members on our network. Music sellers can reach new buyers and music buyers can have access to the best new music, features, and tools in the business.

Who uses SourceAudio?

Music publishers, composers & administrators, indie labels; ad & creative agencies, broadcast networks, production companies, movie studios and radio broadcasters.

Why can’t I just build my own audio management, search & delivery site?

You absolutely can, however we’re confident that after using our platform you’ll see that our technology, industry leading user experience and network effect make SourceAudio the smart and cost effective choice.

When you’re on SourceAudio you’re part of a rapidly growing network. This means that music sellers can instantly reach new buyers by participating in distribution programs that you won’t have access to outside of our platform. The music buyers we work with – and can connect you with – love the system because for the first time ever they can tap into an ocean of music that’s updated daily by each of the music publishers on our system, all from one easy-to-use location.

I need music and I want to search for it in your system. How do I get started?

SourceAudio doesn’t just aggregate all of the libraries into one big site and make it searchable to anyone who stops by. We create custom, curated music search portals for all professional buyers who want to license music from the publishers on our system. These search portals can be set up in a matter of minutes so please contact us and we’ll get you set up with the best and largest music licensing search system available anywhere. You’re going to love all of the extra tools, features and goodies that are included.

How customizable is a SourceAudio site?

We understand the importance of branding and custom content organization / navigation and have created a host of tools that give our platform subscribers deep customization options. Beyond the tools available, we have talented developers who can develop custom pages, features and e-commerce solutions.

Can I manage my metadata and ID3 tags with SourceAudio?

Absolutely! SourceAudio supports CSV import and export, rules-based bulk tagging, and dynamic ID3 embedding on download so whenever you make a change to your metadata either on your site or via a CSV import, the latest metadata is dynamically embedded into your files upon download (the source files you initially uploaded remain untouched). MP3’s, WAV’s and AIFF’s are all embeddable on our system.

What is SonicSearch?

Sonic Search is a proprietary signal processing + metadata search solution for finding musically similar songs to a “seed” track of your choosing. We’re proud to say it has outperformed alternative solutions in multiple head-to-head comparisons by third party evaluators. And, it’s built 100% in-house so we can make it better and better all the time.

What security features does SourceAudio employ to protect its clients?

Developed with input and feedback from hundreds of industry leading production music publishers and broadcasters, security is the centerpiece of the platform with technologies including SSL encryption, advanced permissions management, “key-locked” downloads, FLV preview streaming, and much more. SourceAudio is the cutting edge of cloud-based media asset security.

What is YouTube Content ID?

YouTube Content ID allows you to register musical works that you have exclusive rights or ownership of on YouTube and claim advertising revenue on videos containing your music. SourceAudio makes it easier than ever to add your musical works to YouTube Content ID, generate reports and monitor revenue on our proprietary integrated dashboard. Best of all, we offer the best rates in the business and through us you can get started instantly.

How much is SourceAudio and what does that include?

SourceAudio starts at $29 a month with a full 30 day free trial. All of the standard SourceAudio features and tools are available to all subscribers at every track count / pricing level.

How do I get started?

Music publishers, libraries, labels, composers etc. (sellers) can sign up immediately and get started creating their site for free right here: Sign Up Now »

Ad agencies, production companies, radio stations/networks, film studios etc. (buyers) can contact us and a team member will reach out to you to get you set up with your own custom search, discovery and licensing portal. Contact Us Now »

What file formats are supported?

SourceAudio supports MP3, WAV and AIFF. You can upload them on your own or we can make them for you. Support for other exotic formats such as FLAC, Ogg Vorbis etc. is also available. We can even host and deliver Word docs, PDF’s, text files and more if you need to associate them to your musical assets.

What reporting & analytics tools are available on SourceAudio?

Reporting and analytics tools on SourceAudio cover everything from general site usage, Google Analytics integration, popular search terms, sent playlist tracking, user statistics and much much more. We understand the importance of great data & analytics and we’ve created a powerful reporting dashboard to give you all of the insights you’ll need.

Is SourceAudio optimized for ipads/tablets?

Yes, SourceAudio is fully HTML5 compatible and features a user interface that is optimized for tablet and mobile devices.

I've got a bunch of music that needs to be tagged before I get started. Can you help me out here?

Yes of course. We can help you get all of your music quickly and painlessly tagged so that it’s optimized for search and so that you know your outgoing files will all be embedded with your proper info. If lack of metadata is holding up your move to our network please contact us and we’ll explain how to get started.

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