AI Playlist Generator

Unlock smarter playlists with AI

SourceAudio’s AI Playlist Generator enhances curation, boosts retention, optimizes discovery, and stays on time & on trend for every user. This proprietary solution produces outsized results by leveraging the best audio similarity tech available anywhere, an ocean of exclusive descriptive metadata, and real-time trending & affinity data that is continuously being optimized by our AI engine.

For Playlist Curators
  • Reduce manual workload by at least 90%
  • Add variety, discovery, and fresh- ness to stale playlists
  • Leverage your entire library to its full potential
  • Drive ROI and KPI performance by programatically leveraging key metadata and other business terms
  • or inputs
  • Bring your dynamic playlists to life with smooth and creative transi- tions, making traditional playlists feel like a thing of the past
For Listeners
  • Enjoy perfectly sequenced, hyper-relevant playlists with elegantly designed transitions that bring life and artistry to every stream
  • Discover new artists and songs tailored perfectly to your tastes
  • Enjoy predictive playlists that pair your tastes with time, location, seasonality, and trends
  • Get local - Discover songs, artists, and styles trending in your city or region
With AI Playlisting You Get:
  • Best-in-class audio and metadata similarity/relationship analysis
  • The most comprehensive AI-generated metadata available anywhere, making prompting/searching for music in your library easier, faster, more accurate, and more engaging than ever before
  • Fully customizable, DMCA compliant feeds to match your app
  • Scalable solution across millions of users instantly
  • Ongoing model optimization for accuracy, freshness, staying on trend, and driving ROI

Playlist Examples & Possibilities

Get Local
  • Houston Hits - Songs from local Texas Artists - Nashville Country
  • Nashville Classics - Top country hits from Tennessee artists
  • Chicago House Classics - Top tracks from Chicago’s house music scene
  • Miami Latin Beats - Uptempo reggaeton and salsa inspired by Miami
  • Seattle Grunge Throwbacks - 90s grunge anthems from Seattle bands
Get Active
  • HIIT Workout - High energy tracks for intense interval training
  • Post-Workout Recovery - Calmer cooldown music
  • Yoga Flow - Meditative, peaceful songs for yoga sessions
  • Pump Up Jog - Upbeat pop and hip hop for runs
  • Gym Grind - Hard rock and EDM to power through strength routines
Trending Locally to Globally
Trending Now
  • Rising Stars - Songs from the most buzzworthy new artists
  • Going Viral - Tracks blowing up on TikTok and social media
  • Pop Phenoms - Top hits from pop's rising talents
  • Hip Hop Heat - Hottest tracks from rap's breakthrough acts
  • Country Crossovers - Country songs crossing over into the mainstream
Predictive & User-Specific
Your Songs, Your Way
  • You Will Love - Perfect predictive mixes based on your tastes + what’s new
  • More Like This - Stay on your current vibe without a single miss
  • Your Mix - Predictive lean-back playlists based on time, location, and more
  • Your Weekend - Predictive playlists for your weekends, home or away
  • Your Favorites Remixed - Creative new versions of the user’s top songs

The result? Happier listeners, increased streaming hours, accelerated music discovery, and boosted KPI performance. Put the power of AI to work for your playlists and users.

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