The new industry standard for tracking music
in broadcast media
Accurately identify your licensed music in Programs, Commercials, Promos, and Trailers
with no missed detections or mismatches.
Starts at$49Per month
80+ National Broadcast & Cable Channels Monitored with more coming soon See the full list ยป
No Missed Detections
Digimarc's industry-best watermark
ensures identification of your music
in very short duration and ultra
heavy mix usage scenarios.
Content Type Accuracy
Automatically identify and distin-
guish between your music placed in
promos, commercials, or feature
"Golden Ears" Tested
Digimarc's imperceptible
identification technology passes
the strictest of tests by leading
audio experts.
Data You Can Trust
Trustworthy verification
of track title, ownership,
and/or licensing authority.
Why Choose Watermarking & SourceAudio Detect?
SourceAudio Detect solves the biggest issues inherent to the current monitoring landscape and empowers
you with the most accurate & comprensive broadcast performance data available anywhere.
How Do I Get Started?
SourceAudio Detect solves the biggest issues inherent to the current monitoring landscape and empowers
you with the most accurate & comprehensive broadcast performance data available anywhere.
Host your music on
SourceAudio instantly creates
watermarked versions of every file
you upload to your site
Place your watermarked music files in
broadcast programming and when it airs
you'll receive dynamic usage reports
within your SourceAudio dashboard.
Flexible Pricing With a 6-Month Discounted Ramp Up Period
A small monthly fee plus pennies per detection -- our service costs less than alternative solutions and is
aligned with your own goal of effectively monetizing your music. And, we know it takes time to disseminate
your watermarked files so we built in a discounted ramp up period for all new Detect users.
Total Tracks Watermarked
Monthly Cost*
1 > 999
1000 > 9,999
10,000 > 24,999
25,000 > 49,999
50,000 > 99,999
100,000 > 199,999
The Perfect Monitoring Solution for Publishers,
Broadcasters & Labels
Dynamically monitor and identify your
music as it broadcasts at national and
local market levels.
Detect and verify the title and ownership
of every piece of music performed
in your programming, commercials
and promos.
Protect your promo material from the
moment it leaves your hands. Identify
any leaks and ensure that your
pre-releases are always 100% secure.
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