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YouTube Content ID Powered by SourceAudio
Maximize ad revenue from your content on YouTube with our DIY
claiming, whitelisting, and reporting tools.
Turnkey, DIY Management
Identify the tracks on your SA site you
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No setup fees or ongoing costs --
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Get paid quarterly
Our standard, starting point for revenue
splits is the best in the industry
Far and away the best way to license music for YouTube
Our DIY whitelisting functionality let’s your customers license one of your songs, download it, & instantly whitelist their YouTube channel for that song so that their video is free & clear of potential take-downs or 3rd party monetization.
License a song
Download the file
Whitelist their channel on YouTube
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fully customizable e-commerce capabilities!
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Review and digitally sign the
agreement located in the Programs &
Opportunities section of your site
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Identify the tracks, albums, and/or labels you want
to monetize via your SA site. No extra uploading or
metadata submissions needed. Exclusive YouTube
Content ID rights on music claimed is required.
Tracks are reviewed and compiled by
SourceAudio and then directly ingested
into the YouTube Content ID system.
It's that simple.
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