YouTube Content ID: DIY Tools, Better Splits,
& the Best Performance

Feature for feature, nobody else comes close!

Feature & Benefit
Everyone else
Monitor & monetize your music on YouTube
Collect at a 100/0 split for first 90 days
Automated file management in one ecosystem
Opportunities for industry-wide sync deals
DIY Allow-listing, FKA “Whitelisting”
DIY Claim Management
Match or beat all competitive payout splits
Full-time, expert tech support
Seamless & instant onboarding
Free promo services for large channels

YouTube Content ID Powered by SourceAudio

Maximize ad revenue from your content on YouTube with our DIY claiming, whitelisting & reporting tools Powered by SourceAudio

Turnkey, DIY Management

Identify the tracks on your SA site you want to monetize on YouTube

No Upfront Costs

No setup fees or ongoing costs, we just ask for a small rev share fee

Get Paid Quarterly

Starting point for revenue splits is the best in the industry as standard

Live Claim Manager

See your music usage in real-time and instantly release claims as needed.

Promotional Services

Optional, free promo services with channel partners totaling over 2mm subscribers.

The Best Way to License Music for Youtube

Our DIY whitelisting functionality lets your customers license one of your songs, download it, & instantly whitelist their YouTube channel so it is free & clear of potential take-downs or 3rd party monetization.

License a Song
Download the File
Whitelist YouTube Channel

Get Started Now

Review and digitally sign the Agreement located in the programs & Opportunities section of your site Admin panel.
Identify the tracks, albums & / or labels you want to monetize via your SA site. No extra uploading or metadata submissions needed.
Tracks are reviewed and compiled by SourceAudio & then directly ingested into the YouTube Content ID system. It's that simple.