New Feature: Controlling Your Tabs and Updating Streaming Playback/Audition Files

control your tabbed navigation on SourceAudio

Re-order your tabs, change what they say, and update the URL they point to

As part of our effort to continually increase the flexibility of the platform and the control you have over customizing your site to meet your specific needs, we just launched a new tool that will allow you to take total control over your main navigation tabs. With this new tool you can re-order your tabs, rename them, and even update the URLs they click-through to. The click-throughs can be either internal or external links - that's totally up to you. To access this new tool just go to Edit Site Settings > Tabs. Once you get there you'll see that it's pretty intuitive. One thing to note: to update URLs make sure you handle internal URLs a little bit differently than external URLs. For internal URLs you only need to include everything that appears after the end of your root domain. So, if my URL is music.sourceaudio.com and I want to point a tab to music.sourceaudio.com/#albums, all I need to put in the URL field is "#albums" and it knows exactly where to go. If I have an external site or page I want to point to from a tab then I need to provide the full URL.

Another backend update we made is to the streaming audition files and how those get encoded and updated. From now on whenever you update any file format on a particular track/sound effect the streaming audition file will be updated as well. So, if you want to update the streaming version of any song just upload the new version of that file and you're all set.

Some more exciting news and features are right around the corner...stay tuned!

Thursday, 27 October 2011