NEW: Flexible, Fully-Customizable Home Page Layouts

Drag and drop home page elements to create your own perfect home page layout!

Drag and drop home page elements to create your own perfect home page layout!


» A New Home Page to Enhance Your Marketing and Promotional Activities

Our team knows that promotional capabilities are critical when it comes to making a fantastic impression on your current and prospective clients. You all have great content, reels, placements, and music that you need to promote so everyone can understand how great you really are. We took this into consideration when creating the new enhancements we just made to the home page experience available within every SourceAudio site. Now you can hand-pick from a wide variety of modules to include on your home page - in the page locations of your own choosing - so that your best foot is always forward when clients come through the front door of your site. Here's a snapshot of those modules you can add to your home page at anytime:

  • Promotional Carousel
  • Featured Tracks
  • Featured Albums
  • Featured Playlists
  • Features Artists
  • Featured Composers
  • Featured Catalogs
  • Featured Labels
  • Blog
  • Social Network Widgets
  • Text Blocks

Our "Text Block" module provides you with infinite flexibility to customize your home page and include elements of any kind. Some of the items you can include in Text Blocks are:

  • Embedded videos
  • Embedded images
  • Embedded social widgets
  • Custom-formatted promotional elements
  • And anything else you can do with your common WYSIWYG editor


» Infinite Layouts Supported

We know you all have your own ideas on how to best present your content and promotional elements so we've taken a drag & drop approach to the home page builder tool that allows you to create literally any layout you desire. Whether you like full-width modules stacked down the page or side-by-side modules that take up less real estate, the decisions are all up to you. For an example of the new full-width home page in action, check out SourceAudio's demo site "Sandbox" right here:

Preview Sandbox »

» Here's How It Works

To access the new "Home Page Maker" tool, simply visit your Admin Panel and navigate to the "Home & Custom Pages" section on the left. When you land in the new Home Page Maker you'll see an interactive module layout image representing what your home page looks like today. If you don't use a home page today this area will be blank, but you can easily add and edit modules by using any of these actions below.

  • To add a new module to your home page just grab the module type icon to the right and drag it into your home page layout on the left. Drag it around to position it as you like and let it go when it's in its desired location.
  • To remove a module from your home page just grab it in your home page layout and drag it back out over to the right into the module selection area.
  • To edit the content within a module just mouse over the module in your home page layout, click the little settings icon in the upper-right, and an overlay will appear. Make your changes and additions within the overlay and save them when you're finished.
  • To publish the updates on your updated home page just click the big "Save" icon in the upper right of the Home Page Maker tool and you're set!

That's it! We try to keep things as simple as possible in regards to usability so we encourage you to give this new tool a shot. Dig in, customize your layout, feature your music, add reels/videos/images as needed, and set up your home page in the way you feel best represents your music, business and brand. Have fun with this new tool and you'll hear from us again soon!


Saturday, 28 June 2014