New Release: Adobe Premiere Pro Extension Update

Access the largest collection of music for licensing in the world, all without ever leaving the Adobe interface.

Our latest update to the Adobe Premiere Pro Extension allows video editors to audition music with a more streamlined workflow than ever before. We’ve brought all the features from the SourceAudio platform into the Adobe suite for an intuitive experience that saves editors valuable time.

With over 50 million tracks on the SourceAudio platform and more added every day, our Adobe plug-in provides editors with seamless access to more premium quality music for their projects than any other service. 

Music providers and video editors now have one simple solution to directly connect with each other where all their tools converge by joining the SourceAudio platform.

Download the extension here.

Drag and Drop From the Cloud Inside Adobe Premiere Pro

Engage the extension from within Adobe Premiere Pro to browse any of the SourceAudio sites you’re currently registered on. Search tracks within the panel, stream results from the cloud, build custom playlists, and then drag-and-drop tracks to bring them into a project without ever leaving the Adobe editing suite.

Tracks automatically download and import into your project as they’re dragged from the SourceAudio panel into the Adobe timeline. Need to bring in many tracks? Our latest update allows editors to drag and drop multiple tracks at all once.

As tracks are dropped in from the cloud, they are automatically grouped into a SourceAudio folder within the project folder.

In addition to drag-and-drop, editors can even download entire albums to save in their project's local SourceAudio folder.

Export Cue Sheets from Within the Extension

Export cue sheets from inside Adobe Premiere Pro with the click of a button. SourceAudio has transformed the time-consuming, manual process of cue sheet creation into a fully-automated export tool by leveraging our robust metadata infrastructure. Instantly populate complete cue sheets without ever leaving Adobe.

Now editors can keep all their cue sheet tools right at their fingertips to ensure proper royalty distribution for every project.

Get Started Now

Download the extension from the link below and open the panel at any time from within Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Log in with your SourceAudio account and choose which company you’d like to begin browsing. We’ve made it easy to switch between music providers so that editors can enjoy the greatest possible degree of flexibility while using the extension.

Download the Adobe Premiere Pro extension
in just a few clicks.
Get it here.

Friday, 19 March 2021