Earn More From Your Global Performance and Mechanical Royalties with SourceAudio Collect

SourceAudio Collect is the easiest way to secure your PERFORMANCE and MECHANICAL ROYALTIES from all over the world. SourceAudio Collect has paid out royalties from all these territories...

United Kingdom · Denmark · Norway · Canada · Sweden · United States · Czech Republic Finland · Belgium · France · Ireland · Netherlands · Japan · Spain · Australia · Germany · Poland Israel · Mexico  · Lithuania · Switzerland · Italy · Vietnam · India · Iceland · Portugal

...plus many more! 

We’ve collected on hundreds of thousands of performance and mechanical uses around the globe with more coming in every day.

• Nearly 200k uses reported in the UK during the last period

• Nearly 125k uses reported in Denmark during the last period

• Multiple libraries with over 100k uses reported

Enroll now and streamline your global mechanical and performance royalty collection.

Friday, 2 July 2021