Use the SourceAudio API to Manage Tracks and Metadata

SourceAudio’s powerful REST API is designed to streamline SourceAudio’s systems with your own music library infrastructure. The API runs on JSON as its primary data structure to create an API that’s secure, efficient, and easy to use.

*Sufficient programming knowledge is required to use the API.*

A few typical API applications include…

~ Importing tracks to SourceAudio site by sending in an external URL

~ Updating track metadata to sync with an external system

~ Adding album art by sending in a URL (if the image isn’t already in the uploaded tracks’ ID3 embedding)

~ Downloading tracks via a direct call or an authorized download link

~ Removing tracks en masse quickly and easily

~ Seamlessly using any of these tools with a business partner’s SourceAudio library site

...all powered with secure and reliable authentication tokens. Just include your token in your request payload and our system handles the rest.

The SourceAudio API has been engineered for absolute security, and can only be accessed with your API key. If needed, this key can always be quickly and easily reset – the equivalent of changing the locks on your API.

Looking for more information, check out our complete API documentation or

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Friday, 17 September 2021