How to Allowlist YouTube Channels in the SourceAudio Content ID Suite

If you'd like to allowlist (aka whitelist) your channel or any of your clients' channels to ensure that they never receive unwanted claims, follow these simple steps to allowlist any channel in just a few clicks.

Your allowlisting tools can be found on your SourceAudio library site in the  admin panel » YouTube Content ID » Whitelisting.

All you’ll need to allowlist your channel is the channel ID, and our channel ID finder makes this process a snap. Just click “Find YouTube Channel ID” under the “YouTube Channel ID” field. Enter the channel name, and click the plus icon next to it’s listing. Once you click to add channel in the pop out that appears, you’ll then see the alphanumeric channel ID code in the  “YouTube Channel ID” field. It should look something like UCc0PfB8ObIq9weLpFySDrFg. 

You can also add a note to yourself with any details about the whitelisting you want documented for your own reference.

Before finally clicking the whitelist channel button, review the checkbox to the right of the whitelisting entry fields. Leave it checked if all currently existing claims on that channel should be released, or uncheck it if you’d only like to prevent new claims from being placed. 

Then click the Whitelist Channel button, and that’s it – videos on the allowlisted channel that use your music will no longer be claimed!

You can revoke a channel's allowlisted status at any time by clicking the Remove Channel button on its line listing. Once a channel's allow-listed status has been revoked, newly uploaded videos on that channel that contain music in Content ID will be claimed normally.

Friday, 1 July 2022