Warner Chappell Production Music Joins Alpha Libraries For Radio

By SourceAudio | Updated July 15, 2022

Alpha Libraries For Radio is proud to welcome Warner Chappell Production Music (WCPM) to its roster of production music companies which it distributes for radio broadcast licensing.

The inclusion of the WCPM catalog brings over 26,000 new, premium tracks to the library from over 40 labels including Adrenalin Production Music LIbrary, Cinema Sound Tools, Groove Addicts, Accoustitracks, and many more!

Alpha Libraries for Radio distributes over 2.5 million tracks and consistently releases 6 new albums every day of the week across its roster of suppliers. 

With the world’s largest collection of broadcast-quality tracks available for one stop radio license, it’s no surprise that Alpha Libraries for Radio is the industry’s go-to for radio production music. Check out what our clients have to say about it.

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