Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say About YouTube Content ID from SourceAudio

By SourceAudio | Updated October 13, 2022

How has SourceAudio’s YouTube Content ID suite impacted these businesses? Our clients are sharing their experiences in their own words.

“SourceAudio’s YouTube Content ID has become an essential part of the income stream for my library. In the most recent quarter, I received over $5000 in Content ID income on JUST ONE SONG! I highly recommend SourceAudio and their YouTube Content ID platform to anyone looking for new and additional ways to monetize their catalog.”
– Hollywood Trax

“A big concern with our clients in social media is the fear of a campaign being pulled down over copyright issues. The seamless integration of the claiming process in SourceAudio allows us to grant permissions instantly and give our customers the security that everything will launch without any glitches.”
– HAUS Music+Sound

“The best thing I can say about SourceAudio YouTube Content ID is how little I truly have to think about it—all our new releases register automatically (except for any categories I’ve excluded in the settings panel), and earnings post to our account each quarter, simple as that. Plus, since the metadata in the reports perfectly matches the library data in our royalty software, it takes me all of 5 minutes to ingest detailed track earnings so our artists can see exactly which songs of theirs are getting played. Good stuff.”
– The Hit House

“Current Music has used SourceAudio for capturing the necessary data to efficiently monetize our catalog’s usage on YouTube for years. We receive accurate reports quarterly, separated by catalog, which is a huge help paying our rights holders. The Content ID program has made it so easy, all we have to do is wait for the check – and we are very happy with the results.”
– Current Music

“I’ve been thrilled with the YouTube Content ID service provided by SourceAudio. Finally, I can manage all my tracks and monitor my content in real-time without waiting for the end of the month or longer. SourceAudio’s tools have been reliable, easy to use, and powerful for my business.”
– San Music

Our powerful tools, our reliable customer service, and our unmatched ease of use make us the clear choice for industry professionals.

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