Send Tracks Between SourceAudio Sites for Free with the Agents Tool

By SourceAudio | Updated May 18, 2023

Among the various options for getting your tracks to your business partners, the Agents tool is a powerful, reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective method for sending to other SourceAudio sites.

Agents Sending vs Syncing

While “synced tracks” can only be edited from the host, and will show up that way anywhere they’re synced, tracks that are delivered with the Agents tool are completely separate files; following the delivery there’s no connection between the agent-delivered file and the original. The Agents tool creates a copy of their tracks during the sending process and sends the copy to the receiving site. Since the tracks will be a completely separate copy, the metadata of this copy can be edited by the sub-publisher as much as they’d like. 

This is contrary to syncing which “mirrors” tracks over to the receiving site from the hosting site, not allowing for metadata to be edited on the receiving end; the tracks’ metadata can only be edited from the original listing. 

How to Use the Agents Tool

To send tracks to a recipient using the Agents tool, start by sending an email to support@sourceaudio.com with the recipient on copy if you’re the sender or the sender on copy if you’re the recipient. Both you and the other party will need to confirm to SouceAudio that you intend to be connected via the Agents tool.

Once SourceAudio confirms you’re connected, head to the Agents tool in the admin panel » File Delivery » Agents » and tick the box for the desired recipient. Fill in the Browse All bubble, then select the catalogs, labels, or albums you’d like to deliver. Click into a catalog to see the labels within it, and click into a label to see the albums within that. Add a message at the bottom of the page if you’d like, and then hit send.

Your tracks will be received by the recipient in their admin panel » Upload Import Audio » Agent Music Delivery. They’ll land in this special publishing queue with all the metadata from their original site, and once published, all metadata can be edited.

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