An Open Letter to Our Clients, Artists, and Publisher Community

By SourceAudio | Updated August 29, 2023

At SourceAudio, we believe this is an unprecedented moment of opportunity for artists, creators, and rights holders as AI converges with music and audio. Our dedicated mission is to ethically harness the power of AI to increase productivity, enhance creativity, and empower artists and rights holders everywhere. 

We take an ethical, artist-first approach to developing AI technologies for music and audio. Our core values dictate that the application of AI should benefit and uplift artists and creators, not aim to displace them. We believe AI can augment human creativity, not replace it. When implemented properly, AI can – at a minimum – save time, inspire new ideas, eliminate repetitive tasks, and open up a world of new creative possibilities.

Our mission-driven AI roadmap consists of 6 key solutions designed to increase efficiency, optimize workflows, expand creative options, and empower the artist & creator community. These include:

1. Natural Language Search to find the perfect track using intuitive queries. Leveraging the world’s most powerful LLMs and machine learning to provide a best-in-class experience.

2. Sonic Search to uncover sonically similar results by analyzing the raw audio signal. With true AI at work, the results produced save time and uncover creative options that would go completely unseen and unheard with traditional search.

3. Generative Metadata that provides rich, descriptive tags for your catalog that continues optimizing over time through machine learning. Our method of including search, user behavior, feedback, and a variety of other data points allows the metadata to improve, refine, and stay on-trend as time passes.

4. Generative Audio that follows full rights ownership so creators benefit directly from this technology through our model. Beginning with generating derivative works for any catalog to increase the size of their repertoire for many valuable business cases, our Generative Audio leverages the first 3 pillars like no other technology partner to produce results that, in testing, are incredibly high-quality, dynamic, adaptive, uniquely creative, and sonically something we can all be incredibly proud of.

5. Audio Protection Technology that enables rights holders to safeguard their assets from unwanted and unauthorized access by companies and technologies that need music to advance their own agendas, but choose not to include artists and rights holders in their business models.

6. Enterprise API that allows other companies to easily integrate our suite of ethical, AI-powered music tools into their own technology platforms and solutions. This API empowers partners to leverage our innovations in search, generative metadata, and generative audio within their own offerings, in an artist-first manner.

Our framework ensures creators are empowered by these generative technologies, not made powerless. As innovations unfold at a rapid pace like we are seeing today, we make it a priority to identify opportunities for artists to derive value from each advancement, whether through new revenue streams, workflow optimizations, creative outlets, or other meaningful benefits. We believe firmly that artists must be active participants in the value chain created by new technology every single step of the way.

At this watershed moment, we believe companies like SourceAudio, with an ethical, creator-first ethos, are best positioned to offer AI solutions to the music and production communities. We remain dedicated to this righteous mission, and we encourage the rest of the music tech community to share in our point of view and approach. This is the first of many exciting new announcements and updates you will be hearing from us on an ongoing basis related to AI. We want to be sure that you fully understand that our intent, mission, vision, approach, and technology are fully-aligned with the goals of our community. Please reach out with any questions about our mission and roadmap. We value you and our shared vision of uplifting our community with AI. 


Geoff, Andrew, Dan, Ryan, and Brent



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