New Release: Generate Album & Playlist Art Instantly with AI

By SourceAudio | Updated May 31, 2024

Our new AI artwork generator is free, seamless, super high quality, and live across all sites right now! We can’t wait for you to try it on your albums – here are 7 reasons we think you’re going to love it. ðŸ–¼ï¸

1. Completely free – Our AI art generator is 100% free for all Catalog Manager clients. Enjoy unlimited high-quality album artwork without spending a dime. ðŸ’µ

2. Save time and hassle – With our AI generator, creating stunning album art is a breeze. In just a few clicks, you’ll have professional-looking artwork ready to complement your tracks. 🕑

3. AI metadata analysis for perfectly on-topic artwork – By analyzing the tracks’ metadata, our AI artwork generator produces artwork that is not only visually appealing but also precisely relevant to the music. ✅

4. No rights clearance to worry about – Tired of convoluted usage details? Breathe easy knowing that you have full rights to the artwork it generates – everywhere! 🌐

5. Vivid, high-quality images – High definition image quality that will blow you away. Our AI ensures that every detail is crisp, clear, and vibrant, with the goal of enhancing the impact of your music. ✨

6. Regenerate as many times as you’d like – Looking for a different design? Regenerate artwork as many times as you’d like so you’re always 100% satisfied. ♾️

7. Seamlessly integrated – Our AI generator seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow. Just click the lightning bolt icon and watch our AI go to work! ⚡

Ready to create new artwork? Click the ⚡ button on any album or playlist page on your site and the AI will take it from there!

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