All-In-One Music Business Solution for Artists & Labels

Experience the ease and efficiency of our best-in-class music CMS, discovery, distribution, payment, and protection platform. Take full control of your catalog and digital future by tapping into:

YouTube Content ID + Added Monitoring
Music Hosting & Discovery

White glove onboarding and setup + best-in-class support to increase your opportunities and future-proof your business.

Catalog Management
made easy with our centralized comprehensive system that organizes and simplifies rights and metadata, providing your team with a single source of truth.
Showcase Artists & Labels
to the industry with a fully customizable, branded label portal , optimized to boost revenue with distribution, pitching and licensing – hosted on your own domain.
Leverage AI Tagging
to optimize your music's discoverability through our proprietary raw audio profiling tools.
Pitching for Syncs?
Quickly Find the perfect track in your catalog with our proprietary AI prompt + music similarity search, giving you the ability to respond to music searches with lightning speed.
Bulk uploads & automated metadata
eliminating the small tasks that take your valuable time.
Export and deliver catalog data
wherever it needs to go using industry standard formats (e.g. DDEX, CWR, all formats supported).
Permission-based access
to segments of your catalog and quickly issue individual licenses with our e-commerce tools.
Best-in-class front and back end tools
trusted by thousands of rightsholders, production companies, and media networks
Unlimited usage and users
for your entire team, clients, and partners
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Some of the artists you can find here...
Green Day
Aaron Mills
Chaka Khan
Johnny Cash
Stevie Nicks
Lil Baby
Marilyn Monroe
Monetization & Payments

White glove onboarding and setup + best-in-class support to increase your opportunities and future-proof your business.

Monetize your music with built-in e-commerce rate card licensing
Entertain custom licensing offers with our "Make an Offer" feature
Simplify your publishing administration and register your works in over 70 territories
Collect licensing revenue from Film, TV, and Radio sync licensing
Maximize your YouTube revenue with Content ID
Benefit from industry-wide radio distribution and sync licensing
Transparency, Protection, and Reporting

Data driven – protect and track your music where it plays.

Stay informed with comprehensive TV performance reporting
Track your radio airplay with detailed performance reporting
Safeguard your content with our proprietary YouTube monitoring system
Protect your assets from unauthorized downstream AI with AudioGuard™
We deliver more music to radio than anyone.

Leverage our direct pipeline into over 3k+ radio stations -- who already rely on us daily for the music they use in programming, promos, commercials, and more -- to get your music promoted and heard.

Seamless Integration with our API & Plugins

Want your own UI or need to integrate into other 3rd party/enterprise systems? That’s what we do.

Create custom front-ends that align with your unique business and design goals using our powerful API
Embed your music search on other sites and apps for increased exposure