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New Feature Release: ARTEMIS 1.0 AI-Powered Conversational Track Searches

We’re incredibly excited to announce the release of our new AI-powered track request and search tool: ARTEMIS 1.0 (ARTificial Engine for Music Intelligence and Search.)

Click the AI logo on the right end of your library site’s search bar, and ask ARTEMIS for any kind of track just like you’re asking a real person. Mention reference tracks, relevant scenarios, feelings, genres, or whatever you need!
ARTEMIS starts you off with “I want…” and you fill in the rest. Here are just a few examples of the kinds of prompts you can use:
I want…
            …a song that sounds like Happy by Pharell
            …a song that is uplifting and makes me feel happy
            …a song that exemplifies the Brazilian bossa nova genre
            …a song that features the violin
            …a song that is similar to Radiohead’s music style
            …a song that sounds like The Great Gatsby movie soundtrack
            …a song that sounds like a top-rated hip-hop track
            …a song that is appropriate for a house party
            …a song that is inspired by love
            …a song that is suitable for working out with an upbeat tempo

The AI powering your searches knows nearly every aspect of recorded history, including but not limited to songs, movies, and TV shows, and it leverages it all to bring you the very best, most hyper-accurate search results for your request—and save you valuable time too!

With a world-class natural language model, ARTEMIS conversational AI track searches are far and away the best search tool available anywhere for music supervisors, editors, content creators, and anyone using music in commercial media.

And this is just the beginning! Keep an eye out for more exciting AI application releases from SourceAudio.

By leveraging all the power of AI,
every SourceAudio site is now equipped with
the most powerful music discovery tool
available anywhere.

Try ARTEMIS out on your SourceAudio site now!

Thursday, 11 May 2023
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SourceAudio Detect Interface Tour

Here’s an exclusive look at the in-depth reporting tools that SourceAudio Detect subscribers leverage to ensure proper reporting for all their tracks that hit the air on our monitored stations.

SourceAudio Content ID Panel 1

Real-Time Detections

Data arrives in the real-time detections panel as soon as your watermarked tracks hit the air.

1. Use filters to view only detections that apply to your dropdown selection. Use the Type drop-down to view only programs, commercials, promos (such as network promotional content), or matches that have been confirmed—more on that below. Use the Network drop-down to view only detections from a certain network. Use the Date fields to view only detections from a given date range.

2. Export all the detections visible on your current filter settings using the Export Current View button.

3. Click the camera icon under the Clip header on any real-time detection listing to view or download an audio-visual clip of the track as it was synced on the broadcast, and use this clip to unequivocally confirm exactly when and where your track aired. These videos are also available with even more data in the Identified Programs & Ads panel.

SourceAudio Content ID Panel 2

Identified Programs & Ads

Real-time data appears in the Identified Programs & Ads panel 3-4 weeks after it’s initially detected, during which time its metadata is optimized for accuracy by our AI algorithms. This page of “confirmed” detections features the same powerful filters from the Real-Time page and even more data.

1. Every program detection lists a ready-made cue sheet, every commercial detection lists ASCAP and BMI claim forms filled out with the relevant details to verify the detection, and both commercial and promo detections list downloadable spreadsheet logs of the detection data.

2. Click the number on any line listing indicating how many detections occurred in the recent airings of a given program/commercial/promo, and you can view just those detections with videos on each line listing as seen below.

3. Click the track count on any program/commercial/promo listing to view a line listing of data for each unique track. Click the Detections number on any of these indented listings to see detections listed in the same manner as shown above. Click the camera icon under Clip on any of these indented listings to view or download the video clip for that specific detection as shown below.

Check for Watermarks in a File

Our watermark identifier allows you to check an audio or video file for any SourceAudio watermarks in a matter of seconds. Just drag and drop the file onto the tester, and all watermarks present in the file are listed according to their associated track. Never worry about missed detections or false positives—each SourceAudio watermark is completely unique.

SourceAudio Content ID Panel 3

SourceAudio Detect monitors all of these networks 24/7, and we’re adding more all the time!

ABC • A&E • AMC • American Heroes Channel • Animal Planet • BBC America • BBC World News • BET • Bravo • CBS • CBS Sports Network • Cartoon Network • Chiller • CMT • CNBC • CNN • Comedy Central • The CW • Discovery Channel • Discovery Family Channel • Disney Channel • Disney XD HD • E! • ESPN • ESPN2 • ESPN News • ESPNU • Food Network • Fox Business Network • Fox News Channel • FOX • Freeform • FS1 • FS2 • FX • FXX • FYI • Galavisión • Game Show Network • Golf Channel • Great American Country • Great American Family • Hallmark • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries • HGTV • The History Channel • HLN • IFC • INSP • Investigation Discovery • Lifetime • Lifetime Movie Network • LMN • MLB Network • MSNBC • MotorTrend HD • MTV • MTV2 • MTV Classic • MyNetworkTV • NBATV • NBC • NBC Sports • NFL Network • National Geographic • Nat Geo Wild • Nick Jr • Nickelodeon • Ovation TV • OWN • Oxygen • Paramount Network • Pop • Reelz • Science • Smithsonian Channel • Spike TV • SYFY • TBS • Telemundo • TeenNick • TLC • TNT • Travel Channel • truTV • TV Land • Univision • Universo • USA • VH1 • Vice • WE tv • The Weather Channel • WGN

Get started in just a few clicks to instantly watermark all your tracks, and ensure proper royalty compensation by never letting an airing of your track go undetected.

Email hunter@sourceaudio.com to get started with SourceAudio Detect today!

Friday, 9 June 2023
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Upcoming Music Industry Events and Resources – Summer 2023

Check out our handpicked list of the best resources for composers and music businesses in the coming months!

Canadian Music Week – Toronto, ON – June 8-10

Now in its 42nd year, the annual Canadian Music Week (CMW) conference offers a platform for networking, learning, and discussing the latest trends and developments in the music business. The conference features a diverse range of panel discussions, keynote speeches, workshops, and mentoring sessions. Attendees have the opportunity to gain insights from industry experts, engage in business opportunities, and explore emerging technologies shaping the music landscape. CMW aims to foster collaboration, provide educational resources, and create a space for meaningful dialogue to support the growth and success of the Canadian music industry. 

Register at cmw.net

A2IM Indie Week Online – Online & New York, NY – June 12-15

A2IM Indie Week 2023 is a three-day (June 13-16 preceded by a kickoff celebration on the 12th) international conference and networking event aimed at maximizing the global impact of independent music. Featuring keynotes, panels, exclusive networking sessions, and more, A2IM Indie Week has historically drawn an attendance of over 1200 participants from over 30 countries. A2IM’s panels cover an exciting array of topics from music licensing to emerging technologies.

Register at a2im.org

BMI/Cliff Goldmacher Workshop – Online – June 16

Discover the secrets of successful songwriting in a transformative workshop led by acclaimed songwriter Cliff Goldmacher. Join this immersive experience and unlock your creative potential as Cliff shares his expertise and insights, teaching essential techniques to craft compelling lyrics, melodies, and arrangements that resonate with audiences. Gain practical tips on song structure, storytelling, and capturing emotions effectively. With Cliff's guidance, participants will delve into the art and craft of songwriting, explore the power of collaboration, and develop strategies for taking their music to the next level. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your songwriting skills and unleash your artistic voice.

Register at bmi.com

ASCAP Experience 2023 – Los Angeles, CA – June 21

This year’s ASCAP Experience in Los Angeles, CA offers a range of educational sessions, panels, and workshops led by industry leaders. Discover valuable insights on songwriting, music production, artist development, licensing, and more. Engage with renowned artists, producers, and music industry experts who will share their knowledge and experiences. Network with fellow creatives and forge meaningful connections that can propel your career forward. Whether you're a songwriter, composer, artist, or music industry professional, ASCAP Experience provides a platform to learn, grow, and thrive in the ever-evolving music landscape.

Register at ascapexperience.com

Sync/Tech Summit – Online – July 12-14

Sync Summit’s 2023 Sync/Tech Summit will feature four days of networking, education, music, and workshops covering every aspect of sync with over 100 speakers from TV, film, advertising, brands, games, interactive platforms, tech, law, finance, and of course, music. The event is online only and has been designed to be interactive and immersive with keynotes, panels, networking sessions, online songwriting camps, and video archives of every element of the show made available after the event.

Register at syncsummit.com

Wednesday, 31 May 2023
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New Music Libraries on the Platform: DePolo Music, Bam Music, ScoreHero, Intrinsic Noise

We’re thrilled to share that the following music libraries have just joined the SourceAudio platform!

DePolo MusicListen here

Twin brothers Andrew & Jared DePolo write music that connects to the heart of story. Their work has been featured on NBC, TBS, E!, Bravo, USA, TruTv, and the Madden series from EA Sports. From epic cues for their hometown Cleveland Browns, to captivating scores featured in films & documentaries, the DePolo brothers bring to life that which ceases to be seen.

Bam MusicListen here

Who better to trust with your music choices than a culture collective of passionate music lovers, innovative creators, and avant-garde connoisseurs? That’s BAM to the core. Born out of Montreal’s hip Mile End and headquartered in Paris’ artsy “9ème'' neighborhood, Bam Music is an ever-expanding cooperative of indie labels and music architects from around the globe—a fresh and inspiring music resource for all media makers. Think, equal parts French flair, cheeky Londoner, and Cali cool. Bam Music provides award-winning, high-quality music to elevate your productions. Bam Music’s team is au courant about worldwide music trends, and they deliver impactful sounds for advertising, branding, promo needs, & more. Together, the labels in Bam Music’s collection offer the spectrum of orchestral, indie, rock, vintage, and soul to world, electronic, trailer, pop, and beyond.

ScoreHeroListen here

On a mission to save the world of cinematic music, ScoreHero is the personal music catalog of renowned trailer composer Caleb Swift. Utilizing years of experience in music production, custom productions, and sound design, ScoreHero brings a fresh blockbuster sound without compromising creativity. Having provided music for many of the most anticipated films and television series in recent years, Caleb's understanding of music composition for sync is unparalleled.

Intrinsic Noise MusicListen here

Intrinsic Noise Music is a Hollywood-based production music library founded by Daniel Clem who brings experience from a variety of Los Angeles music publishers.  Drawn from foundations in the trailer music industry, we strive to incorporate new custom sounds using current production techniques that convey our unique edge.

Thursday, 25 May 2023
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Send Tracks Between SourceAudio Sites for Free with the Agents Tool

Among the various options for getting your tracks to your business partners, the Agents tool is a powerful, reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective method for sending to other SourceAudio sites.

Agents Sending vs Syncing

While “synced tracks” can only be edited from the host, and will show up that way anywhere they're synced, tracks that are delivered with the Agents tool are completely separate files; following the delivery there's no connection between the agent-delivered file and the original. The Agents tool creates a copy of their tracks during the sending process and sends the copy to the receiving site. Since the tracks will be a completely separate copy, the metadata of this copy can be edited by the sub-publisher as much as they'd like. 

This is contrary to syncing which “mirrors” tracks over to the receiving site from the hosting site, not allowing for metadata to be edited on the receiving end; the tracks' metadata can only be edited from the original listing. 

How to Use the Agents Tool

To send tracks to a recipient using the Agents tool, start by sending an email to support@sourceaudio.com with the recipient on copy if you’re the sender or the sender on copy if you’re the recipient. Both you and the other party will need to confirm to SouceAudio that you intend to be connected via the Agents tool.

Once SourceAudio confirms you’re connected, head to the Agents tool in the admin panel » File Delivery » Agents » and tick the box for the desired recipient. Fill in the Browse All bubble, then select the catalogs, labels, or albums you'd like to deliver. Click into a catalog to see the labels within it, and click into a label to see the albums within that. Add a message at the bottom of the page if you'd like, and then hit send.

Your tracks will be received by the recipient in their admin panel » Upload Import Audio » Agent Music Delivery. They’ll land in this special publishing queue with all the metadata from their original site, and once published, all metadata can be edited.

Thursday, 18 May 2023
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