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Site Theme Presets and New Features for Customizing Album, Artist, and Many More Pages are Live!

We’ve added new capabilities to create more vivid, immersive branding on many SourceAudio site pages!

Customize your site’s color scheme in a single click with our new site theme presets!

Save valuable time by setting up your site’s branding with any of our six preset themes. You can even make adjustments after implementing a preset theme to fine-tune your branding. These tools are found in Edit Site Settings » Appearance » Colors.

Add a background photo to display behind your album, playlist, artist, writer, publisher, label, or catalog page information

You can also opt to fill the space behind your page’s information with an auto-generated color gradient based on the page’s artwork or a solid color of your choosing. All color for this section including the background color with a gradient or banner and all the text is in Edit Site Settings » Appearance » Colors, under List Headers.

Artwork at the top of these pages now displays larger than before, taking up the full height of the space between your nav bar and tracklist. You can also opt to not display the album artwork at the top of the page, and just show the banner artwork behind the page information

We know that artwork and playlists are two major components of site functionality so track artwork appears larger site wide, and the playlist sidebar is also larger now.

We even gave track plages a sleek new look!

We put a greater emphasis on the most essential elements of your track pages by adding a bold artwork placement to the left of your waveform and moving key admin tools together above the file format listings.

Wednesday, 17 August 2022
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An Introduction to EQing in Mixing

Professional grade EQing can make a great track sound even better, while a bad EQ job can absolutely ruin an otherwise great recording. Here are a couple of useful EQing techniques to take your mix to the next level.

EQ to Avoid Overlapping Frequencies

Fundamentally, a mixing engineer wants to make sure that overlapping of instruments in any frequency range is reduced to a minimum. Each instrument in a mix should occupy its own unique frequency range so that the mix doesn’t sound muddy and each voice has plenty of room to sound out.

To achieve this, the engineer uses broad frequency cuts, two on an instrument at most, and the best way to get started with this process is to begin with the most important instruments in the mix. You’ll give your most important instrument priority for the frequencies that make it sound the best, and then go to the second most important frequency, and so on. Ideally, the instruments should already have been chosen so that each one works together to form a complete spectrum of sound from the lowest audible frequency to the highest, so this process shouldn’t involve reshaping the sounds too much.

Removing Dissonant Harmonics

One of the most common tricks that engineers use to make instruments sound both louder and clearer is the removal of dissonant frequency harmonics. This is accomplished by using a graphic EQ, boosting a set frequency with your Q-value turned all the way up, and then slowly sweeping across the entire frequency spectrum to listen for dissonant harmonics that ring out. Once you have identified them, take that boosted EQ frequency and drop it all the way down to cut it to the level which sounds best.

You may want to take this a step further and engage the piano roll across the bottom of your frequency visualizer if you have one. You may find that those trouble frequencies you cut out end up aligning with notes that are not in the key of your song. With the piano roll, you can lock those nodes of your cuts onto the dissonant notes, which may provide an even more effective cut. 

Like most mixing tools, the effect is subtle, and it’s best not to overdo it and punch too many holes in your instrument, but many subtle improvements on each track over of a mix go a long way to elevating a track.

Friday, 12 August 2022
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New Music Libraries on the Platform: REPEATER, Confidential Music, The Trailer Collection, Sottophonic Music, HIGHLIGHTSCENE

We’re thrilled to share that the following music libraries have just joined the SourceAudio platform! 

REPEATER - Listen Here

REPEATER is a boutique music & sound design resource aiming to provide premium cinematic quality production for all forms of visual marketing. Founded by composer/sound designer Anthony Baldino (Tenet, Uncut Gems), composer/drummer Tony Hajjar (At The Drive-In/Sparta), and business ops/music licensing consultant Johnny George, REPEATER prioritizes the client's needs while always maintaining a high aesthetic standard. Services include premium, second-to-none sound design, a carefully curated library of production music, as well as custom music services for any form of visual media & marketing. REPEATER also works with a growing roster of artists for all of your sync needs. 

Confidential Music - Listen Here

Confidential Music was founded in 2012 by composer John Samuel Hanson and mixer Kyle Biane. The duo built the library with the idea of crafting evocative scores for motion picture advertising. It is not only about getting their clients what they need, but sharing their vision and realizing it from conception to the screen. 

The Trailer Collection - Listen Here

The Trailer Collection collaborates with world-class Hollywood film composers to create score-quality tracks tailored for big blockbuster impact. They have recently launched their first album, The Henry Jackman Trailer Collection, aimed at motion picture advertising. The multi-award-winning British composer Henry Jackman has scored an incredibly diverse roster of Hollywood films: action blockbusters such as X-Men First Class, Captain America: Civil War, and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, dramas such as Captain Phillips, The Kingsman, and Cherry, comedies such as Kick-Ass 1 & 2 and The Interview, and family entertainment such as Pixels, Wreck-It Ralph, Pixels, and Jumanji: The Next Level. The Trailer Collection's founder describes the library as minimal, artist-first, and egoless. "We don’t need to shout; our writers’ resumes tell you all you need to know … it's just about the music. This is premium music for premium trailers. Expect boutique service, low-volume, and no-filler, high-quality music every time."nbsp;

Sottophonic Music - Listen Here

Sottophonic Music was launched in 2019 by composer/songwriter, Stephen R Phillips, who in 2001 founded the well-known TV and film song catalog, Bosshouse Music. Springboarding off of Bosshouse’s years of success, Sottophonic focuses on creative partnerships in television, film, and advertising. During Bosshouse’s run, the Bosshouse team secured thousands of sync placements in a wide variety of iconic television series such as Dexter, True Blood, Lost, Shameless, and countless others.  National advertising campaigns such as Garnier, IKEA, McDonald’s, the MLB, the NBA, the NFL, ABC, NBC, FOX, the Minion franchise, and CBS all turned to Bosshouse to assist with their branding. For all music and creative inquires, email Stephen at: stephen@sottophonicmusic.com For all licensing and clearance inquires, email Amy Roberts at: amy@sottophonicmusic.com 


Comprised of producers and composers with decades of experience in motion pictures, commercial film, and broadcast media, HIGHLIGHTSCENE offers a broad array of services in creating, producing, and managing sound and music for their clients’ work. HIGHLIGHTSCENE continually strikes to build industry partnerships with an open mind and to advance the careers of their artists.

Friday, 5 August 2022
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Pitching and Driving Traffic to Your SourceAudio Music Library Site

Driving traffic to your site is a vital aspect of a music company’s business and looks slightly different for each unique brand, their offerings, and their target market. 

Oftentimes it occurs through direct, personal communication (i.e. pitching) to a potential client, while other times it looks more like reaching as many online leads as possible and “warming them up” to your products.

SourceAudio’s robust suite of sending features, reporting panels, and informative resources provide all the tools needed to start generating revenue with a high-quality music library!

Before you begin pitching your music or driving traffic online, you’ll want to get your branding and site layout optimized so that your users’ experience conveys a clear identity of your brand and highlights your most valuable assets. For ideas on how to approach your site’s layout and feature set, check out our tips on how SourceAudio sites can be configured to serve a wide variety of business models. We also recommend tagging your tracks with thorough metadata for efficient searchability, notifying your users of our powerful Sonic Search tool, and checking out our other track search optimization tools as well.


Once your material is ready to share, SourceAudio offers tools that make it easy to send single tracks, whole albums, or playlists of your best tracks.

Tracks, albums, and playlists can be sent via a coded URL that overrides normal access permissions or via a SourceAudio-generated email which can be customized to display whatever images and text you’d like. Additionally, you can simply copy and paste the URL of any page and send it out to your recipient as long as the material is sufficiently accessible to that user’s log in account or a logged out site visitor as applicable.

Sending a Track
To send a track, head to its detailed view by clicking its title from any track listing. The track’s detailed view will display the track title in bold font towards the top of the page with the waveform across the screen just below the title.

Scroll down just a bit and look to the right under “Send/Share”. Click the curved arrow icon, and a pop-up will appear, prompting you to select your sending method of choice and desired access permissions. Feel free to send a track to yourself as a test. Fill out your permissions and click “Send” for your recipient to receive a SourceAudio generated email, or click Copy URL to send out a coded URL yourself with the permissions as displayed in the pop-out under “Please note:”.

Sending an Album
To send an album, view it by clicking its listing from any list of albums, or by clicking the name of the album from a track listing. You should then see the album’s artwork and name at the top of the window, and its track list underneath.

Click the More Options drop-down in the top right, then click the option to Email and a pop-up will appear, prompting you to select your sending method of choice and desired access permissions. Feel free to send an album to yourself as a test. Fill out your permissions and click “Send” for your recipient to receive a SourceAudio generated email, or click Copy URL to send out a coded URL yourself with the permissions as displayed in the pop-out under “Please note:”.

Sending a Playlist
To send a playlist, view it by clicking its listing from your left-hand toolbar. If your browser window is on the smaller side, you may have to expand your left-hand toolbar by clicking the icon of 3 horizontal lines at the top of the collapsed bar on the left edge of your window.

Once you’re viewing your playlist, click the More Options drop-down in the top right, then click the option to Email and a pop-up will appear, prompting you to select your sending method of choice and desired access permissions. Feel free to send a playlist to yourself as a test. Fill out your permissions and click “Send” for your recipient to receive a SourceAudio generated email, or click Copy URL to send out a coded URL yourself with the permissions as displayed in the pop-out under “Please note:”.

Plus... when you’re sending material with SourceAudio, you can be confident it will look great on whatever divide it’s received on, whether it’s viewed on a desktop interface or on our mobile optimized site.

Detailed Reporting on Sent Pitches
Head to your sent reporting section by clicking the user icon in the top right » Dashboard » Sent. Here you can see all of your sent material listed out with the date, time, and recipient, as well as the number of clicks, plays, and downloads made on that send. You can also see these stats for all the sent material from all of your site admins in the admin panel » View Statistics » Admin Sent.

Pitching Tips from the Music Supervisors Themselves
Wondering what music supervisors really look for in a good pitch? Check out what four accomplished music supervisors has to say on this topic in a SXSW panel titled “Music for Ad Agencies and Brands”.

Looking for leads to pitch to? Check out…

The SourceAudio Buyer Network
Since its inception in 2012, the network of music buying sites on SourceAudio has grown to house over 100 million tracks from SourceAudio libraries, catalogs, and labels. Top agencies rely on the buyer network to find the latest tracks from their site-to-site connections via the SourceAudio Buyer Network. Once you’ve gotten in touch with a buyer who wants to connect to your library, syncing up your sites is just a flip of a switch from each party. The seller controls exactly which of their catalogs and labels get synced over to the buyer when connecting, while new labels added after a connection is established need to be manually accepted by buyers so that they always know what they’re getting.  A connected buyer and seller can also exchange track requests and/or briefs that list budgets and reference tracks for their project along with an integrated, easy-to-use brief-response tool.

The SourceAudio Blog for Quarterly Updates on the Best Online Music Industry Events
Every three months, we share a handpicked list of the best online resources for composers and music businesses in the coming months. Find our latest post here, and get notified of future events by following our socials on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Your Favorite Companies’ Online Presence and Reach Out Directly
Pitch to your favorite companies using the tools outlined above! Check out our write-up on pitching for an artist-brand partnership for more helpful information on how to approach a company with your music.

Large Scale Marketing

If you're new to online marketing, the concept of a sales funnel is essential reading. Check out our write-up on sales funnels in music licensing.

Build Your Landing Page
Unless you’re sending a very targeted sector straight to the exact music you’re marketing to them, you’ll want to be sure you have a high-functioning landing page that instantly starts warming up your leads by demonstrating your credibility and offering easy access to exactly what they’re looking for. SourceAudio makes it simple to create the perfect landing page for your library site, or use our custom page builder tool to create your own landing page with HTML and CSS.

E-commerce Features
One of the most effective ways to move a lead down the funnel from interest to decision is to offer a coupon with our e-commerce suite. This is also where you can set up an automated checkout process for licensing tracks or recurring subscription plans. All of these features have been tailored for use by high-traffic volume music licensing businesses and are currently used by some of the biggest audio licensing solutions in the world.

Live Chat
Another great tool for a SourceAudio site expecting a high volume of traffic is a live chat module or chatbot. We offer an easy-to-use integration with Olark, the leading in-app chat module provider.

Traffic Acquisition and Reporting

Once your site’s been optimized to funnel traffic from first contact to a purchase action, you’re ready to start driving traffic. A paid advertisement, a referral from another brand, or a Google search listing are some of the most common places this contact is made. Explore and investigate what combinations of discovery methods lead to the most sales and invest accordingly.

For thorough reporting on your traffics' behavior, the best place to start is the SourceAudio statistics panel. Here you can view, play, and download statistics by user, identify your most played and downloaded material, view activity trends over time, see your users’ most searched terms, export complete play and download reports, and more!

For even more reporting on your site traffic, we’ve made it easy to connect your SourceAudio site to the Google Marketing Suite.

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Friday, 22 July 2022
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Add a Live Chat Module to Your SourceAudio Site with Olark

SourceAudio sites offer a user-friendly integration with Olark to provide a live chat solution for your SourceAudio site. Once installed, site visitors will see an expandable chat module in the bottom right corner of your SourceAudio site which they can use to chat with you in real-time.

Olark is a paid live chat app that offers a reliable and easy-to-use live chat solution that's been utilized across a wide variety of industries. When your site visitor reaches out to you through Olark, you'll get a notification from their desktop app and the mobile Olark app. Then simply open up the app, and begin chatting with the customer.

If you're away from work, you can set up an away message. Olark even offers the option to implement fully automated live chat messages.

Interested in trying it out? Olark offers a free two-week trial. You can get started right here.

Then to connect Olark to your SourceAudio site, head to your admin panel » Add-Ons » Olark, paste in your Olark ID, click Save, and refresh your browser window. That's it! Olark chat is now live on your SourceAudio site.

Wednesday, 20 July 2022
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