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New Feature Available: Super Fast, Super Easy .Zip File Creation & Instant Download

source audio zip file creation and downloads

This full album was zipped and downloaded in less than 30 seconds

When you're sending a lot of individual tracks, a couple of albums, or a combination of tracks and albums to someone the overall file size can become pretty large. We used to let you pick the tracks you want to download and then we would run a job in the background that compressed everything into a .zip file and then we notified you when it was ready. Sometimes this could take a while to complete. Well, you no longer have to wait for anything. Now when you download an album or a project you can expect to see the following:

  • The download starts immediately - literally right when you click on the link or download button.
  • When you're downloading a project the .zip file inherits the name of the project.
  • If a project has a combination of albums and tracks in it, the albums are placed nicely into sub-folders so everything is organized perfectly when it hits your hard drive.
  • If you download an album the .zip file inherits the album title.
  • NO LIMIT on the number of tracks you can bundle, send or download. We had a cap of 100 tracks prior to this release but that limit has been completely lifted.

These things sound simple and logical, and that's why we did it this way. The reality is that dealing with hundreds of megabytes of audio files at a time and delivering them as fast as possible is not as simple as it sounds. We've figured it out though, and it's ready for you and your clients to use. Enjoy!


How To: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using the New Track Upload Feature

Yes, track uploads are now available on the platform! Whether you just need to upload a single track or 20 full albums all at once, this new tool has you covered. We can handle as many songs as you want to give us in one simple step-by-step operation. First, we'll give you some quick highlights and then we'll show you exactly how it works.

Upload Feature Highlights:

  1. Upload one song or as many songs as you want all at once.
  2. Upload multiple formats for each song or ask SourceAudio to automatically create mp3's, AIFF's or WAV's for you - with no additional work for you to do.
  3. Watch SourceAudio's smart upload tool read the embedded metadata in each file (whenever present) and intelligently fill in the track information on the site for you.
  4. Use our batch operations tool at the end of the upload process to edit the metadata on each individual song or for all songs at once before you make them live on your site. This is great if you know you want all songs to belong to one album or a specific label - you tell us to update the whole list and it's done in one simple command.
  5. Preview track playback and make sure all your metadata is tightened up before you publish it to the site. Once you publish, we create the waveforms and your new tracks are up and available on your site.

Step-by-step guide to using the new feature:


» Step 1: Go to the new "Upload Tracks" section of your Admin Panel

Here's what you'll see when you get to the new Upload Tracks section.

» Step 2: Click the "Choose Files" button and select all of the songs you want to upload

SourceAudio track upload tool 2

Use your keyboard commands (hold down shift) to select a full list of songs to upload. Or you can go one track at a time - it's up to you.

» Step 3: SourceAudio will read your metadata embedded in the files, prepare them for upload, and you just need to click "Start Upload" to proceed

Track upload tool

You can also add more tracks to this upload batch or remove individual tracks in this step before you proceed.

» Step 4: Sit back and watch your upload progress

Batch uploader in action on SourceAudio.

We'll show you the progress for individual tracks as well as the overall batch progress as a whole. Be patient, we'll tell you when it's done!

» Step 5: Your upload is complete, now move on to the next step

SourceAudio - your upload is complete.

We'll tell you when your upload is complete. Just watch your overall progress bar at the bottom for the notification. Click "Next" when it's ready.

» Step 6 (Final Step): Edit metadata on one or more tracks at a time, attach alternate file formats to your tracks - or tell SourceAudio to auto-generate them for you - and then publish your tracks to your live site!

Publish your new tracks to live!

Use the batch operations tool to update the metadata on all of your new tracks or update each song individually inline below. Also, tell SourceAudio to auto-create alternate file formats for each of your tracks or upload your own. When you're done just hit "Publish" and your new tracks are live!

Now go give it a shot, it's super easy to use, extremely powerful, and will make your life of managing tracks, versions, metadata, and search & distribution a whole lot easier!


Launch: 4 More White Label Music Search Sites

4 More White Label Sites Went Up in the Last Month

4 white label sites launched in the last month, we've got 5 more in production right now for March launches, and the platform continues to grow rapidly. We're excited to see that we're working with libraries and catalogs of all shapes and sizes. We've got boutique shops with less than 500 songs all the way to libraries with over 300,000 songs up and cranking on the platform. The great part about our SourceAudio is that we can scale infinitely and we offer a level of customization that makes each site perfect for each one of our clients. Our clients have a lot of great ideas and new product requests and as we build out and launch these new features (yes, we listen to our clients very closely and we build what they need) they automatically become available to everyone.

We're very excited to say that we've got some major announcements to share by mid-April. Online licensing and user uploads will both be available on the platform and we have hundreds of thousands of tracks and some exciting new clients to announce. More news on that stuff very soon.

Congrats to Mangoreel, Underground Music, Sonic Librarian, and Songs to Your Eyes for their recent music licensing search and distribution site launches!


Online Licensing Coming Soon!

The new "License Now" and "$0.99 Downloads" interface

We are extremely happy to announce the target launch date of two awesome new features: real-time online licensing and $0.99 downloads. We're hard at work integrating our secure e-commerce platform and are in fact ready to perform all relevant credit card transactions, in real time, as we speak. Here's what clients can expect from each of these new revenue-generating features:

License Now - The "License Now" button will appear on song detail pages. The music rep has full control over which songs are available for online licensing and which are not. For those songs that aren't available, we'll simply hide the "License Now" button. We're also building a powerful administration tool that allows music reps to create and apply rate cards to one or more songs at a time - something we know we've nailed and are very excited to share. If a licensor is hesitant to pay the listed price for a license but doesn't want to give up on it, they can use the "Make an offer" tool we're integrating into online licensing. When you finish these great features up with our license & invoice PDF-generator, you've got our end-to-end online licensing product that's going to change the way many people conduct business in the space. We can't wait.

$0.99 Downloads - We know editors, music supervisors, and media creators need to download mp3's to try them out in their project. We also know that most are accustomed to paying $0.99 at iTunes and other consumer music outlets to get their hands on the song they need. So, for those catalog owners/rights holders who would like to monetize the deep library of content they have on the SourceAudio platform, they can simply enable the new $0.99 download feature that will launch alongside online licensing. Every time a song gets downloaded the music rep gets paid.

One last thing: our fees are going to be ridiculously low for all of this. Stay tuned for more information on that front as we get closer to launch!


New Feature Release: The Admin Panel and Dashboard

SourceAudio Admin Panel

Stats Reporting in the Admin Panel

We are excited to announce one of the biggest advancements to the platform since the day we began - the Admin panel and Dashboard. This new section of the site gives music reps ultimate control over which users have access to their site, who is playing their music, who is downloading, and what types of music users are searching for. They can also see detailed charts and reports that let them know what songs are being played the most, what's being downloaded most often, who has been sent songs or track bundles, who opened and played these songs and bundles, and a lot more. Not only is this new section of the site a big step forward for SourceAudio but it's also a leap forward for digital music licensing and distribution overall. We've brought legitimate business intelligence tools to the music licensing industry. Here's a quick rundown of all that's included:

In the Dashboard

  • Easily find the songs you've recently played, requested to download, and received via our sending tool in your "Activity Overview" section
  • All projects and songs that have been sent to you are stored in your "Received" section
  • All projects and songs that you have sent to others are stored in your "Sent" section
  • Store and retrieve all download bundles that have been sent to you in your "Download Status" section
  • Quickly find the songs you've recently played and downloaded in your "History" section
  • Customize the automatic email messages that get sent to your clients when you send them track bundles in your "Mail Format" section - send your users a custom email, written by you, that lets them know when and why the've been sent a bunch of new tracks

In the Admin Panel

  • View, approve and deny all new site registration & download requests in your "User Requests" section
  • Promote tracks, albums, artists and labels on your site in the "Feature" section
  • Create, edit, remove and set access permissions for users in the "Manage Users" section
  • Update the metadata on 1 song or 25,000+ songs all at once through our rules tool in the "Manage Metadata" section
  • View detailed reporting on music playback, downloads, user activity and search trends in the "View Statistics" section
  • Customize your site's layout and interface through the tools in the "Edit Site Settings" section

We told you there was some pretty awesome stuff in here. Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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