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NEW: Flexible, Fully-Customizable Home Page Layouts

Drag and drop home page elements to create your own perfect home page layout!

Drag and drop home page elements to create your own perfect home page layout!


» A New Home Page to Enhance Your Marketing and Promotional Activities

Our team knows that promotional capabilities are critical when it comes to making a fantastic impression on your current and prospective clients. You all have great content, reels, placements, and music that you need to promote so everyone can understand how great you really are. We took this into consideration when creating the new enhancements we just made to the home page experience available within every SourceAudio site. Now you can hand-pick from a wide variety of modules to include on your home page - in the page locations of your own choosing - so that your best foot is always forward when clients come through the front door of your site. Here's a snapshot of those modules you can add to your home page at anytime:

  • Promotional Carousel
  • Featured Tracks
  • Featured Albums
  • Featured Playlists
  • Features Artists
  • Featured Composers
  • Featured Catalogs
  • Featured Labels
  • Blog
  • Social Network Widgets
  • Text Blocks

Our "Text Block" module provides you with infinite flexibility to customize your home page and include elements of any kind. Some of the items you can include in Text Blocks are:

  • Embedded videos
  • Embedded images
  • Embedded social widgets
  • Custom-formatted promotional elements
  • And anything else you can do with your common WYSIWYG editor


» Infinite Layouts Supported

We know you all have your own ideas on how to best present your content and promotional elements so we've taken a drag & drop approach to the home page builder tool that allows you to create literally any layout you desire. Whether you like full-width modules stacked down the page or side-by-side modules that take up less real estate, the decisions are all up to you. For an example of the new full-width home page in action, check out SourceAudio's demo site "Sandbox" right here:

Preview Sandbox »

» Here's How It Works

To access the new "Home Page Maker" tool, simply visit your Admin Panel and navigate to the "Home & Custom Pages" section on the left. When you land in the new Home Page Maker you'll see an interactive module layout image representing what your home page looks like today. If you don't use a home page today this area will be blank, but you can easily add and edit modules by using any of these actions below.

  • To add a new module to your home page just grab the module type icon to the right and drag it into your home page layout on the left. Drag it around to position it as you like and let it go when it's in its desired location.
  • To remove a module from your home page just grab it in your home page layout and drag it back out over to the right into the module selection area.
  • To edit the content within a module just mouse over the module in your home page layout, click the little settings icon in the upper-right, and an overlay will appear. Make your changes and additions within the overlay and save them when you're finished.
  • To publish the updates on your updated home page just click the big "Save" icon in the upper right of the Home Page Maker tool and you're set!

That's it! We try to keep things as simple as possible in regards to usability so we encourage you to give this new tool a shot. Dig in, customize your layout, feature your music, add reels/videos/images as needed, and set up your home page in the way you feel best represents your music, business and brand. Have fun with this new tool and you'll hear from us again soon!



SourceAudio + Shazam: Make Your Music Discoverable in the World’s Largest Music ID App

shazam and sourceaudio

» NEW: SourceAudio Makes It Simple For You to Include Your Catalog In Shazam

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Shazam. For those of you who don't use it on a regular basis, Shazam is a mobile app that recognizes music and TV around you. It is the best way to discover, explore and share the music and TV you love. Over 450 million Shazam users have "tagged" over 12 billion songs and counting. It's an amazing app, available now in the Apple and Android stores and we encourage you to download it today. You'll love it.

If you host music on SourceAudio you can now easily and instantly deliver your catalog and metadata to Shazam, making your music discoverable by the hundreds of millions of users tagging and learning more about the songs they hear everyday. There's no cost to you to at all for you to be included in their system.

» How It Works

1. Visit the "Programs & Opportunities" section of your Admin Panel. Review the Shazam Music Submission Agreement and sign it electronically by following the simple steps we lay out for you.

2. Once you've signed the agreement we will deliver it to Shazam. One of our friends on their team will countersign the agreement, return it to us, and we'll deliver the executed copy back to you.

3. Once the agreement is in place you're all done. We will deliver your music and metadata to our partners on the tech team at Shazam and you'll be in their system in no time at all.

» What Do Users See When One They Tag One of My Songs?

Anyone watching a show, commercial, trailer, YouTube video, or any other media that is playing your song can "tag" your song to learn more about what it's called, who performed it, and where they might be able to get their hands on it. Using a fingerprinting technology, Shazam can quickly display your song's title, the artist, the album name and the album's artwork. If you have ISRC codes in your metadata Shazam can display links to purchase your music at iTunes and Amazon. Pretty powerful stuff.

We encourage you to give it a shot. Make your music and brand discoverable by hundreds of millions of users on Shazam today!


NEW: All Languages & Characters Now Supported on All SourceAudio Sites


» Administer, Manage, and Present Your Site in Any Language

Do you need a version of your site to appear in a specific language? Do you have 3rd party agents or partners in foreign territories who need to present your music and metadata in their local language? If you answered "yes" to either of those questions, this new powerful & flexible platform enhancement will solve all of your foreign and local language issues. As of today all SourceAudio sites can be fully customized to display ALL languages and characters. This isn't just a typical translation tool we've all seen before that misses many of the language nuances that translators can't catch. This new tool empowers you to take full control and customize your site to meet your specific foreign language needs.

One important point of clarification: Sites can only be managed and displayed in one language. This new enhancement is not a dynamic, geo-location-based language presentation feature; this is a tool that allows you or your partners to manage and control stand-alone, distinct SourceAudio sites in any foreign language which is the only way to ensure that your site and language always display perfectly.

» Metadata, Navigation Elements, & More -- It's All Supported

Using the new foreign language enhancement is as easy as managing your site and metadata English, with just one slight workflow modification needed when it comes to your metadata. Here's how it works:

Site Elements: To change the text/language on your site elements like field names, site organization labels etc. just go into the "Terminology" section within the Appearance tab under Edit Site Settings in your Admin Panel. Type in the foreign language equivalent to all of the terms displayed, click "Save Changes", and you're set.

Metadata: To import your metadata in a foreign language via spreadsheet, save your .csv in "UTF-8" format (easily done in Excel, Google Spreadsheets etc.) and import it as you would import any other spreadsheet on your site. To edit your metadata on individual tracks or by using the rules tool, simply use the in-page editing tools as you normally would in English.

» Questions About Foreign Language Support & Possibilities?

We'd love to hear your questions about our new foreign language enhancements and the international opportunities it can open up for you. Contact us anytime and one of our team members will get back to you right away.






What’s New This Month? April 2014 Updates Are Here!


Lots of great stuff happened in April - let's get right into it!

» Business Updates

  • SourceAudio added 33 new sites to the platform in April, our fastest-growing month ever. Thank you to all of our clients both new and old -- we're just getting started!
  • We produced and distributed a new audio demo reel for Alpha Music Libraries. Whether you're part of Alpha or not, it's a cool listen so check it out by clicking the big blue play button right here when you have a minute. Eric Chase - a long time radio pro and a voice we've all heard on stations across the country for many years - performed the VO for us and we think he nailed it.
  • Alpha Music Libraries continues to add new stations and clusters and we're gearing up for a big second half of 2014!

» New Partners & Opportunities

We're working closely with two great companies to help copyright owners & representatives on our platform better monitor and collect on their assets. These new services benefit both rights holders and broadcasters so we encourage everyone to take a look.

  • License ID: The future of audio copyright protection is now. Learn how it works »
  • Royalty Vault: Royalty auditing and income tracking services. These guys are true experts who can seriously help you collect. Learn More »

» Product Enhancements & New Features

Here's what's new on the platform in April:

  • AVID EDL Cue Sheet Creation Tool (BETA): Upload Avid EDL's and quickly generate, organize, save and send cue sheets from your SourceAudio site. Just look for the new "Upload EDL" button at the top of any cue sheet on your site and give it a shot!
  • Lyric Search: Our new friends at Epitaph Records helped us make this a priority in April and we think a lot of you will enjoy it. If you have a "Lyrics" field in your metadata you can now search for words or phrases and we'll return track results that contain lyric matches. Look for the new "Lyrics" tab on your search results page the next time your search term appears in any song lyrics.

» What Else Are We Working On?

Lots of great stuff coming soon. Here are the highlights:

  • License ID: We're still cranking away at integrating License ID's watermarking technology into the platform. We're true believers that it'll be a game-changer and we're putting the resources behind it so that it's seamlessly available to you via your SourceAudio site. Stay tuned for the launch date!
  • 3rd Party File Delivery Tool: For all of you who need to deliver files and metadata to 3rd party partners, agents, or clients, this new tool is going to make pushing updates to them easier than ever. You will simply set up the unique delivery requirements for each partner just once, save their settings for future use, and deliver your files and metadata to them with just a couple easy clicks. We're excited about this one and we know it's going to save many of you some serious time and effort delivering files in the future.

That's it for April. More great stuff coming very soon...stay tuned!

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What’s New? Your SourceAudio Updates for March 2014


We're always working away on new features, programs and opportunities for all of our partners on the platform. We have a lot of great stuff to share with you this month so let's get right into it!

» Business Updates

  • Alpha Music Libraries has officially launched and we're excited to announce that we've already signed several radio station cluster blanket deals in large U.S. markets! Word is out that we've got the newest, freshest, and largest production music product for radio and stations are jumping on board. In addition to the clusters who have already signed, we've got a TON of demos out to stations across the country and we're excited to get them on board soon as well. All great news for each of you Alpha Music Libraries program participants!
  • Our new YouTube channel recently launched and we'll be adding more and more tutorial/walkthrough videos to it over time. Jarrett is knocking those out on a regular basis so feel free to point your clients and team members to this great video how-to resource anytime they would like a little instruction on how to best use the platform. You can find it anytime right here:
  • We will be at NAB all week long, and we're sharing a booth with 5 Alarm Music so if you're going to be at the show in Vegas during the first week of April, come by and see us!

» New Licensing & Distribution Opportunities

There are two new licensing & distribution opportunities we will be making available to you in the Programs & Opportunities section of your admin panels within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for full details on the two following licensing programs coming your way soon!

  • Radley Studios: Presented by Clutch Music Supervision, make your music available for license in television shows & specials created by Radley Studios.
  • CORE Media: Also presented by Clutch Music Supervision, make your music available for license in television shows & specials created by CORE Media.

» Product Enhancements & New Features

Here's what's new on the platform:

  • SOLR 4: We upgraded to the newest version of SOLR - the core search tech that powers many/most of the content and media sites we all use everyday - so searches and page loading is faster than ever.
  • New artist pages: We've enhanced the artist and composer pages to show larger images and to also display the artist/composer's bio whenever it's available in the metadata.
  • Send Grid: Send Grid is a great tool that helps system-sent emails to arrive in the recipient's inbox instead of their spam folder and it works great. SourceAudio now runs Send Grid to be sure your emails are always received and tests show that it's working incredibly well.
  • Multiple playlist tabs: Now when you publish playlists you can assign it to more than 1 playlist tab. Playlist tabs can be named and managed like any other tab and you can have as many as you'd like! Just publish a playlist and you'll see how to create your newest playlist tab.
  • Audio player enhancement: You'll notice that the player at the top of the site now always displays a small timeline scrubber, making it very easy for users to scrub through songs when they navigate away from the page they were on or when they are viewing their tracks in simple mode (sans waveform).
  • Stem/Alt-mix zip file downloads: Now you and your users have the options to download all related stems/alt mixes for a track when alt mixes are present and available. The download experience is the same as it was before, but you now have the option to download the single file or all related files at once.

» What else are we working on?

Lots of great stuff coming soon. Here are the highlights:

  • License ID: We're integrating a new technology created by our friends at Audiosocket called "License ID" that will allow copyright owners to more effectively manage and track their licensed audio files through a new watermarking and monitoring technology. Full details coming soon!
  • Shazam: In the near future anyone hosting music on SourceAudio will be able to instantly have their music assets fingerprinted and indexed by Shazam, making their music instantly identifiable by anyone who tags a piece of content containing their song(s). This opens up some really cool identification and post-engagement opportunities for music reps and brands associated to the content.

We hope you enjoyed this month's update. Stay tuned for another update next month and we look forward to seeing a lot of you in Vegas!

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