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Coming to MIDEM? So are we!

For the first time ever, SourceAudio will be attending the MIDEM convention in Cannes, France from June 4-7. If you'll be there and would like to hear all about our latest tools, features, opportunities, and other exciting developments please reach out to Dan Korobkin to set up a meeting. See you in France!


Wednesday, 22 May 2019
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The Future of Licensing Music for YouTube is Here!

Timed to coincide with this week’s Production Music Conference (PMC) in Hollywood, SourceAudio (SA),  the world’s leading white label music licensing platform has announced the launch of a new DIY YouTube Whitelisting Capability for e-commerce enabled SourceAudio sites. The announcement was made today by Geoffrey Grotz, CEO/Co-Founder, SourceAudio.

Grotz describes SourceAudio’s e-commerce platform as “Shopify for Music Licensing,” and notes that it is the first of its kind ever to be offered within a white label music licensing platform. SA’s thousands of platform publishers -- with over 30 million songs hosted on the platform combined -- can now enable their own licensing storefronts specifically for YouTube video creators that want to license music for their YouTube channels.

YouTube Content ID powered by SourceAudio ensures that music publishers can maximize their ad revenue -- or turn off ads/whitelist channels for clients who have legitimately licensed a song for YouTube -- on the world's largest video platform through SA’s transparent, easy-to-use, DIY, whitelisting and reporting tools with minimal time and effort.

“Our new capability is far and away the best way to license music for YouTube,” said Grotz. “Our DIY whitelisting functionality lets our clients’ customers license a song, download it, and then instantly whitelist their own YouTube channel for that song so their video is free and clear of any potential take-downs or third party monetization claims. Often when licensing music for YouTube from other sites you don’t always know if that music is going to get flagged with an unwarranted copyright claim. We can guarantee licensees that license from a SourceAudio powered site, which enables this new whitelisting capability, will be free-and-clear from all future claims after the video is published to YouTube. With our industry-leading Content ID program + e-commerce offering the value of each license is significantly increased and the experience for licensees is headache and claim-free.”

SourceAudio customers regularly increase sales through SA’s readily customizable e-commerce solution which supports almost any licensing model imaginable. SA allows clients to easily build their own e-commerce storefronts for online licensing, digital downloads, subscription download plans, and more. Custom rate cards, monthly subscriptions, multiple licensing models, total flexibility, coupon codes, and DIY setup are all features of SA’s powerful e-commerce offering.

Thursday, 20 September 2018
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Q1 Platform Updates: Speed, Playlists, Monitoring, and the Adobe Panel

The SourceAudio dev team has been building some really exciting stuff for all of us to tap into effective immediately. The last item you'll see here -- the highly anticipated Adobe Panel -- is in private beta right now and will be available to everyone very, very soon. Check out how we enhanced the value of the platform this quarter!

• You can now include alternate versions of tracks in playlists

When you create a new playlist click the "Include alternate versions" and your site automatically nests all alternate versions available for each track inside the playlist. Save time without having to add each alt version one-by-one! This became a frequent request and we're excited to let all of you have it!

• Added dynamic graphs to the Music Stats page in the admin panel

In the past our graphs and charts in the stats section of the Admin Panel were cached and didn't update in real-time. Now they load independently of the page and pull the most recent data we have for you.

• Improved speeds on our already speedy file watermarker

For those of you who use SourceAudio Detect, our broadcast monitoring service, we've made the instant watermark injection system even faster than before. Unique watermarks are injected upon upload and we've sped this process up for everyone.

• Released v2 of our Detect monitoring system adding more channels!

Again for our Detect users, we upgraded our entire monitoring network to be more scaleable and we added a handful of new channels that we monitor 24/7!

• The SourceAudio Adobe Panel is coming...

We saved the best for last! Every SourceAudio user and site owner will now be able to access their own/their favorite SourceAudio site from within the Adobe Premiere/Audition panel. Editors, producers, podcasters, and content creators will never have to leave the Adobe environment again to go find that perfect track for their project. We're incredibly excited about this one and have a full announcement on the capabilities coming soon. Key features include:

  • Search for music to find the perfect track for your project and drag it right into your timeline
  • Receive and access playlists for quick supervisor/editor/team collaboration
  • Instantly export PRO-formatted cue sheets (huge!)
  • Track your play history so you never lose that perfect track for your project
  • View all tracks you've used in the project so they're all visible in one location
  • Easy-to-use interface that you can expect from SourceAudio (Click the image below for a full-size sneak peek!):


Tuesday, 20 March 2018
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October Platform Updates — Big Things Happening

We're excited to tell you all about what we've been up to over here over since the redesign. Everything we're doing is laser-focused on empowering you to better serve your clients, make fast & customized pitches, manage & distribute your music in the most efficient way possible, and provide you with new ways and opportunities to monetize your catalog through impactful programs and opportunities we can bring to you. With that said, here's what's happening!

A great new feature...

Playlist-specific comments -- Prior to this feature when you posted a comment in the timeline of a song it was visible to everyone. Now when you're making and sending playlists you can make comments that apply only when tracks are viewed in the context of that playlist. This way you can get super focused on what you're trying to get the recipient to hear without having to share that same message with everyone. To add a new playlist specific comment, click on the playlist you'd like to work on. Then, mouse over the track you want to comment on and you'll see a new "Add Comment" button appear right below the waveform. Click that new button and comment away. This new feature is just one more reason why there's no better platform to pitch music supervisors than SourceAudio!


What's in the works...

Adobe Panel integration -- We're close to the beta launch of our new SourceAudio Adobe Panel. Editors will be able to access tracks directly inside Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition. That means your clients can search, audition, and drag & drop tracks right from the SourceAudio cloud into their project timeline without ever leaving their Adobe environment!


Creating new markets and opportunities...

Hundreds of thousands of podcasts are being produced in the U.S. Approximately 65 million Americans listen to at least one podcast regularly and audience numbers are growing at double-digit paces year over year. Podcasts overall are coming of age and with more programming -- and advertising -- happening than ever before, more podcast producers need high-quality music to enhance the quality of their productions.

How do you license music to a lot of podcasters at once? What are their budgets? The vast majority of podcasts are hobbyists with almost no budget but they need a way to clear music for their productions too. How can we be sure that every podcast using your music has the appropriate licenses/clearances needed to make sure they're covered? And how do we monitor and verify the actual music used by podcasts for reporting and administration purposes?

The answer is podcastmusic.com, the new service we are launching immediately via the SourceAudio platform. Every publisher/library on the platform has the opportunity to participate and collect money from their music that gets used in podcasts and for the first time ever producers have the ability to license premium-quality music at a fair price and know that they are fully covered from end-to-end.

Stand by for more announcements on podcastmusic.com...we can't wait to create this new market and solve an industry-wide need with all of you as the backbone of this innovative and truly unique new service!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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SourceAudio Redesign

We're releasing a redesign of the SourceAudio platform in a few weeks and we're giving all admins access to our beta so you can see all the improvements we've made before it goes live. The new design is faster, more modern, more secure, and we think you're going to love it!

As with the current design, you can modify the colors and branding in the redesign, so please take this chance to adjust your site's appearance. When the redesign goes live, any changes you made in beta will carry over automatically!

Please note though, the appearance editor is the only section where changes will not affect your current site. Other sections will affect both the redesigned and current versions so use caution to avoid complications. Feel free to poke around though to check out how things will look and work!

To make your exploration easier, we've added a button at the bottom of your current site that takes you to a comparable page in the redesigned version. Only admins can see this button so you needn't worry about end users wandering over. However, links you share to the redesigned version of your site and emails you send using it will contain active links to the updated design and any recipients will end up on the new version. You're welcome to share it as much as you wish but please be aware that you are doing so. Links shared to the current version of the site will continue to go to that version during the beta period. Once the redesign is live, all links will go there automatically.

One other thing to note is that all URLs on the platform use SSL (HTTPS) in this redesign to ensure all your data is kept safe. The old, confusing bifurcation between "Normal Mode" and "Secure (Edit) Mode" will be gone and everything will be secure. Any old, unsecured URLs will forward to secure ones automatically, so any bookmarks will continue to work, and if you're interested in your site's SSO, you'll be happy to note that Google ranks sites more highly that use SSL, so you might receive a nice bump in search results.

We plan to have this redesign beta until at least June 14, 2017 and towards the end of that period, we'll reach back out with an updated schedule.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to your feedback!

- The SourceAudio Team

Monday, 5 June 2017
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