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SourceAudio YouTube Content ID Interface Tour

Get an inside look at the tools used to track assets and manage claims.

Here’s an exclusive look at the tools that SourceAudio Content ID subscribers use within the suite. It’s where you’ll find all the essential YouTube tools that no other service provides, with the convenience and ease of use that our clients love. Sign up now and collect your YouTube earnings at 100-0 split for the first 90 days!

SourceAudio Content ID Panel 1

The Earnings Panel

  1. Select a month (ex. March ‘20) to export a CSV spreadsheet of all the tracks that generated revenue that month, including the total view count and the amount payable.
  1. Get a quick look at the top performing tracks with each track’s all time total earned, plus links to play, download, and share. View 5, 10, 25, or 50 tracks at a time, and scroll through pages of listings to view all ingested tracks.

SourceAudio Content ID Panel 2

The Claims Panel

  1. Click Export Claims to export a CSV of all claims created within any specified time period. Export only currently active claims, only released claims, or both.
  1. Search for claims by SourceAudio ID, claimed video ID, or YouTube channel ID, and the claims list will show only those claims.
  1. Instantly release any claim by clicking the Release button. We provide the date and time the claim was placed as well as links to view the claimed video and corresponding channel to get a closer look at the claim as needed.

SourceAudio Content ID Panel 3

The Allow-Listing Panel

  1. To allow-list a channel, just enter the channel’s channel ID and a note if you’d like. We offer an easy-to-use channel finder just below the YouTube Channel ID field to streamline the process – just click the link, search for the channel, and click to allow-list. You can also grab a channel’s ID manually from the end of the channel’s URL (ex. youtube.com/channel/UCT3h1LLqq5WRDrwR-vZRZgw).

    Before allow-listing any channel, review the checkbox to the right of the allow-listing entry fields. Leave it checked if all currently existing claims on that channel should be released, or uncheck it if you’d only like to prevent new claims from being placed. Then click the Allow-list Channel button, and that’s it – videos on the allow-listed channel that use your music will no longer be claimed!
  1. Revoke a channel's allow-listed status at any time by clicking the Remove Channel button on its line listing. Once a channel's allow-listed status has been revoked, newly uploaded videos on that channel that contain music in Content ID will be claimed normally.
Plus quick, seamless ingestion – load your tracks into Content ID straight from SourceAudio. No additional uploading required.

Email sales@sourceaudio.com to get started, and collect your YouTube royalties at 100-0 split for the first 90 days!

Friday, 23 April 2021
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Our Clients Agree – SourceAudio’s Content ID Suite Is The Best There Is

Our clients’ testimonials detail their experience with YouTube Content ID powered by SourceAudio in their own words.

By creating the ultimate Content ID suite, we’ve empowered companies all over the world to save valuable time and earn more money from their tracks than they would anywhere else.  

Our powerful tools, our reliable customer service, and our unmatched ease of use make us the clear choice for industry professionals. Claim management tools let you handle any licensee concerns immediately. Allowlisting/whitelisting tools let licensees use purchased tracks claim-free and save time releasing tracks in bulk. Detailed claim and earning reports provide thorough insights into track usage.

Here’s what our clients have to say about YouTube Content ID with SourceAudio:

True Remnant Music

“SourceAudio’s Content ID tools make it easier than ever for music houses to manage and collect YouTube royalties. And with a steady influx of new tools, it’s no surprise that they’re the industry standard.”

- True Remnant Music


“SourceAudio is run by a great team that knows the music licensing and distribution business inside out. Their YouTube Content ID suite is easy to navigate and of tremendous benefit to us. Having everything in one place is super-convenient and a real timesaver.”

- Cinetrax

Perpetual Music Group

“SourceAudio's YouTube Content ID suite has been a boon to our business and seamlessly fits into the way we operate at Perpetual Music Group. It's been a great partnership for a number of years now and extremely beneficial to our business model.”
- Perpetual Music Group

Atrium Music

“We have used other Content ID providers before, but it wasn't until we switched to SourceAudio that this part of our business became smoother, faster, and more transparent... and of course, everyone at SourceAudio is awesome, friendly, and eager to help!”
- Atrium Music


“I have been nothing but impressed with the tools and service that SourceAudio have provided me with their Content ID platform. Not only did they make the process smooth and painless to get started with, but they were also impressively responsive in their customer service at every step along the way. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend SourceAudio's Content ID service to other composers.”
- Audiophile Trax

Mexican Music Library

"Content ID provided by Source Audio has been an excellent tool for our catalog. It's not only great to be able to see where and how our music is being used on YouTube, it's also crucially important that we have total control over the monetization or whitelisting in each case."

- Mexican Music Library

“The SourceAudio Content ID suite has allowed us a centralized way to track and manage our music usage across the YouTube platform. Using the included tools, we can easily monitor usage, whitelist client channels as needed, and process claims as they arrive while monetizing the content.”

- Soundrangers

Join our many satisfied clients and email sales@sourceaudio.com to earn more from your YouTube royalties
– collect at 100-0 split for your first 90 days!

Friday, 16 April 2021
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Make the Switch to SourceAudio for YouTube Content ID

Maximize your YouTube earnings, utilize the most powerful YouTube tools available anywhere, and unlock access to exclusive sync deals with broadcasters and creative enterprises.

Instead of jumping from one service portal to another for every revenue source of your business, SourceAudio brings all your monetization solutions under one roof. Streamline your workflow with the convenience of a single, high-performance platform partner for revenue generation, metadata, pitching, browsing, and sub-publisher distribution.

Never worry about unwanted claims again when you utilize our essential YouTube Content ID tools that you can’t find anywhere else. Our competitive advantages make us the clear choice for Content ID against any other service. 

Plus we’re thrilled to announce…

100% Collection Share for Your First 90 Days

For any new Content ID sign up, you keep 100% of the ad revenue generated from your first 90 days after activation. It’s our way of saying thank you for making the switch and welcoming you to the platform designed to earn you more for your tracks than any other service.

Feature for feature, no one else comes close.

Make the switch to SourceAudio for Content ID and tap into a new world of earnings and opportunities instantly. Email support@sourceaudio.com to get started today!

Friday, 9 April 2021
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Upcoming Online Music Industry Events and Resources – Spring 2021

Check out our handpicked list of the best online resources for composers and music businesses in the coming months.

Music Week Tech Summit – March 31

Music Week Tech Summit is an exploration of how music and technology are working together in 2021 to help artists, managers, labels, and publishers reach new audiences. The virtual event will feature exclusive insights from the freshest start-ups on the block and the digital giants shaping the future of the industry. Speakers include executives from Universal Music Group, TikTok, Warner Music, Spotify, YouTube, United Talent Agency, Roblox, Ticketmaster, and many more industry leaders.

Register on the Music Week Tech Summit website, here.

Pan-Am Indie Summit – April 15

At the inaugural Pan-Am Indie Summit participants will engage with various trade organizations, meet other business owners through one-on-one networking meetings, and gain deep insight into the various markets across the Americas. The fully virtual event is jointly organized by A2IM (USA), ABMI (Brazil), ASIAr (Argentina), CIMA (Canada), IMICHILE (Chile), and WIN (global), and is designed to connect independent music communities ranging all the way from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego. The full-day event will include panels, presentations, and more with the intention of creating a community and virtual social space for our members to collaborate. Pan-Am Indie Summit will be held on a new digital platform that offers additional opportunities for spontaneous interaction, such as an event lobby and breakout rooms.

Register on the Pan-Am Indie Summit website here.

Balanced Breakfast Virtual Music Summit 2021 – April 16 and 17

Join Balanced Breakfast virtually from their San Francisco HQ as they bring all of the BB groups together for their fourth National Music Industry Summit. Meet professionals from San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, Nashville, Austin, Charlotte, Reno, and more. Learn from panels discussing everything from social media to licensing. Balanced Breakfast is a group of local music industry professionals that meet for “breakfast” on a regular basis. Attendees talk about actions we can employ to keep local scenes as a place where musicians and industry professionals can make substantial progress in doing what they love… music.

Get tickets on the Balanced Breakfast website, here.

The Future Festival & Think Tank presented by WISE – April 21-24

WISE’s Future Festival & Think Tank is a China-based global summit connecting thought leaders from creative, science, and tech communities. Now in its second year, the hybridized virtual/live event features a special “Island(s) of New Realities” segment in which “protagonists from the metaverse”, i.e. artists, musicians, gallerists, and technologists, join together in a panel format to discuss futurism and art. Operating in partnership with Reeperbahn Music Festival, musical artists from Reeperbahn will be joined by a delegation of 50+ European music industry professionals who will be meeting their Chinese counterparts to participate in panel discussions and virtual company visits.

Learn more on WISE's official website, here.

jazzahead! – April 29-May2

From April 29 to May 2, the jazz world will meet digitally for four days at jazzahead! to network, exchange ideas, attend conferences and panels, and experience 32 showcase bands in the official program. The event will take place via a virtual platform that enables the active participation of exhibitors and specialist participants. jazzahead! will offer a variety of networking opportunities, both one-on-one and for larger groups. The jazzahead! digital experience aims to allow a fluid exchange within the international scene under the best possible professional conditions, despite the pandemic, according to the jazzahead! motto, "close together from afar".

Register on the jazzahead! website, here.

Canadian Music Week Virtual Conference – May 18-23

Now in its 38th year, Canadian Music Week is Canada’s leading annual entertainment event dedicated to the expression and growth of the country’s music, media, and entertainment industries. The conference aims to provide a platform for domestic and international delegates to exchange ideas, explore trends, conduct meetings, and make connections, all completely online. All functions will take place virtually from May 18-23 as the entire event combines multifaceted, information-intensive conferences, a trade exposition, awards shows, and the nation’s largest new music festival. Detailed schedule TBA.

Get tickets on the CMW website, here.

Friday, 26 March 2021
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New Release: Adobe Premiere Pro Extension Update

Access the largest collection of music for licensing in the world, all without ever leaving the Adobe interface.

Our latest update to the Adobe Premiere Pro Extension allows video editors to audition music with a more streamlined workflow than ever before. We’ve brought all the features from the SourceAudio platform into the Adobe suite for an intuitive experience that saves editors valuable time.

With over 50 million tracks on the SourceAudio platform and more added every day, our Adobe plug-in provides editors with seamless access to more premium quality music for their projects than any other service. 

Music providers and video editors now have one simple solution to directly connect with each other where all their tools converge by joining the SourceAudio platform.

Download the extension here.

Drag and Drop From the Cloud Inside Adobe Premiere Pro

Engage the extension from within Adobe Premiere Pro to browse any of the SourceAudio sites you’re currently registered on. Search tracks within the panel, stream results from the cloud, build custom playlists, and then drag-and-drop tracks to bring them into a project without ever leaving the Adobe editing suite.

Tracks automatically download and import into your project as they’re dragged from the SourceAudio panel into the Adobe timeline. Need to bring in many tracks? Our latest update allows editors to drag and drop multiple tracks at all once.

As tracks are dropped in from the cloud, they are automatically grouped into a SourceAudio folder within the project folder.

In addition to drag-and-drop, editors can even download entire albums to save in their project's local SourceAudio folder.

Export Cue Sheets from Within the Extension

Export cue sheets from inside Adobe Premiere Pro with the click of a button. SourceAudio has transformed the time-consuming, manual process of cue sheet creation into a fully-automated export tool by leveraging our robust metadata infrastructure. Instantly populate complete cue sheets without ever leaving Adobe.

Now editors can keep all their cue sheet tools right at their fingertips to ensure proper royalty distribution for every project.

Get Started Now

Download the extension from the link below and open the panel at any time from within Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Log in with your SourceAudio account and choose which company you’d like to begin browsing. We’ve made it easy to switch between music providers so that editors can enjoy the greatest possible degree of flexibility while using the extension.

Download the Adobe Premiere Pro extension
in just a few clicks.
Get it here.

Friday, 19 March 2021
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