SourceAudio’s New Branded Experience!

Fuze Artz White Label Music Licensing Website

Fuze Artz' White Label Music Licensing Website

Beta Launch!

SourceAudio is proud to announce the launch of our new branded content discovery and distribution product.  If you represent a catalog of music and sound design tracks available for license, our branded experience will connect you with new and existing clients/customers like never before!

Below is an outline of features you can expect when you sign up to distribute your tracks on this new revolutionary platform.


  1. Custom vanity URL (eg. fuzeartz.sourceaudio.com).
  2. Logo branding.
  3. Full CSS and wallpaper customization.
  4. Feature your premium tracks to drive new business opportunities!

Track Hosting & Playback

  1. Unlimited track hosting.
  2. Secure FLV streaming track playback.
  3. Secure and fast downloads for MP3, WAV and AIFF track delivery.
  4. Batch downloads.

Track Management and Distribution

  1. Add/edit metadata on one or more tracks at the track level, album level, artist level, label level or catalog level all at once, with one simple tool!
  2. Drive sales by creating lists of tracks called "projects" and share/distribute them with your customers for instant playback and/or download.
  3. One click batch downloading of tracks in a project.
  4. Users can sort and filter your tracks by label, album, cue type, genre, tempo, length for enhanced track discovery.
  5. Mood and style tag administration for easy searches.

User (Customer) Management

  1. View what your users are searching for by looking at "trends" (most-searched terms) in your administration dashboard.
  2. View which users are downloading tracks in your dashboard.
  3. Control (and in some instances restrict) access to your site.
  4. Create user accounts and assign download permissions for your customers.

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Tuesday, 8 December 2009