Site Updates – Improved Search and Other Awesome New Stuff!

Source Audio release notes

Our 5/9 release pushed out some awesome new features and bug fixes. As a result our new search functionality is flat out awesome. It's lightning fast and gives everyone the ability to run all kinds of queries from titles to genres to moods to lyrics and even negative searching. Check out the highlights:

New Features

  • Speed - Searches now take a fraction of the time.
  • Phrases - You can now search with quotation marks to group words together. ex: beach music vs. "beach music"
  • Negative Searching - You can put a - in front of words to only find tracks that don't have that word. Note: You need to have at least one positive word. ex: beach conga vs. beach -conga
  • Stemming - If you search for a word like "moving", you'll also find matches for other derivatives of the word "move".
  • AND/OR searching - You can specify whether you want words to be optional or required by using AND or OR. ex: beach AND conga vs. beach OR conga. Not specifying either term automatically does an AND search.
  • Accents - Accented characters can be found whether or not you accent your search. ex: both "cafe" and "café" will match "cafe" or "café"
  • Faster Track Updates - Play counts updates and changes to tracks will now show up within five minutes instead of within fifteen.
  • Update Viewer - Every time we release new features we'll notify you through our new lightbox update viewer. We'll briefly highlight each new feature and what it means for you and your experience on the site.


  • Moods & Styles - Tracks will now show moods and styles on their hover states and details pages.
  • Better Errors - When the site's backend is having trouble (not that we expect it to), you should get a much better error message and we'll be notified much more quickly.

Bug Fixes

  • Sorting - Sorting wasn't working right when you used nested tracks and sorted by a stat column (like plays). This has been fixed.
  • Similar Tracks - The similar tracks list on the track details page now loads in a couple seconds, down from several minutes or never.
  • A whole slumgullion of minor bug fixes related to editing tracks, running rules, searching, etc.
Sunday, 9 May 2010