Coming In a Few Days: Improved UI For Track, Album, Catalog and Label Line Listings

new SourceAudio track line listings

Your New Track Line Listing Display Pattern

We recently made some key improvements to our list pages that we're excited to tell you about. We're constantly taking feedback from our users and when we're not supporting specific site requests, we're working on new ways to improve the experience of the platform and to add more value for everyone who comes into contact with it. These upcoming changes are small in terms of effort but you'll notice them quickly because they change the UI (for the better, of course) on some key pages. We just wanted to give you a heads up before the way your tracks, albums, labels and catalogs display simply change overnight. These aren't drastic changes and there's nothing you need to do to get ready for them but they're worth mentioning nonetheless before you stumble upon them yourselves:

Tracks (screenshot above) - The first change you'll notice is the new look of the "wave" view for track line listings. We extended this view to allow for up to 3 lines of text in order to accommodate longer titles, descriptions and other fields. The new larger play button also makes playback on the iPad and other touch-enabled devices much easier to use.

New Album Listing Page Display Pattern

New Album Listing Page Display Pattern

Albums - This only affects the detailed view of album line listings, but we made the titles larger, put room in for a description for each album, and added release date info as well. These are specific improvements that have been requested by many clients so after this weekend everyone will be able to add descriptions to their albums.

new label and catalog line listings

New Label and Catalog Line Listing Display Pattern

Catalogs & Labels - We added the ability to include and display descriptions about your labels and catalogs as well. It's very simple to edit this information right from your label and catalog pages. Just login securely, find the pencil icon and you're ready to go. This is a big one that should be useful to everyone.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011