New Feature: Facebook Sign-up and Sign-in

SourceAudio now supports Facebook sign-up and sign-in

SourceAudio now supports Facebook sign-up and sign-in

Another feature is now available on the SourceAudio network: easy registration and sign-in through Facebook. With Facebook being used by nearly everyone with an Internet connection on the planet, their sign-in product is being more and more widely adopted by sites everywhere. This feature has several advantages that drove us to integrating it onto the SourceAudio network:

1. Once connected, your users never have to remember their SourceAudio password. This is a big one. With so many logins to remember across all of the sites you visit it's easy to forget your passwords. This eliminates the need to remember your SourceAudio password because the sign-in authentication happens through Facebook. Once a SourceAudio account is linked with a Facebook account you never have to remember your SourceAudio password again.

2. One-click to sign in. Once your accounts are linked, you just click the Facebook login button on the sign-in page to be signed in. For you salespeople this is great because you don't have to track your user's logins and passwords if they forget or misplace their info. Just pass them a link to the site or send them a project and they can easily get into your site to see it by simply clicking the Facebook sign-in button.

Connecting your SourceAudio account and Facebook accounts is simple. Whether you're a new user or an existing user you will have the opportunity to link your accounts. Just click the Facebook login button on the sign-in/sign-up page and follow the simple steps to connect. It's that easy.

We take your privacy very seriously at SourceAudio. They type of integration we have performed will share no info or activity of any kind on anyone's Facebook wall. Some sites like to push activity updates to a user's wall; you can rest assured we won't be doing any of that. We only want to make it quick and easy for you and your clients to sign-up and sign-in. We'll also be adding alternative quick sign-in products from Twitter and LinkedIn for those of you who don't have Facebook accounts. Look for those to come in the not-too-distant future.

One last thing to note about today's release: To avoid confusion, we have removed "Username" as a field during registration. The new field is called "First & Last Name". This makes it easier to see who is doing what on your sites and it avoids any confusion around what users are supposed to login with - their username or their email. You'll notice that you and your users will get a nice little pop up on your first visit to the site that will ask for your first and last name if we don't already have it. Once we collect this info that pop up goes away and you'll have first and last name information for every user on your site. Seeing "Andrew Harding" in your stats section is much easier to interpret than some obscure username like "CoolGuy_1" (totally made that up, not my username!).

So that's it! As always, there's much more to come soon!

Friday, 4 November 2011