New Features: Custom Pages, Enhanced Album Pages and More

Custom pages, improved album pages and some metadata upload improvements highlight this latest feature release. Here's what it all means for you!

Custom Pages

SourceAudio WYSIWYG Editor

The new WYSIWYG editor allows you to create and manage totally custom pages


For those site owners who have asked us for About Us pages, more marketing-centric pages with embedded video players or images, and custom Help or FAQ pages, this one's for you. We just launched our Custom Page Tool and it's now ready for use! To get to the custom page tool and editor just go to Admin Panel > Custom Pages and you're off and running. Create a new page, name it something meaningful to you, and then click the pencil icon to edit and you're all set. With this tool you can create as many custom pages as you'd like, format them exactly the way you like them, add images, video players, links, copy, and more. We made our WYSIWYG editor as flexible as they come so there really is no limit to what is supported (we only disallow javascript embeds because that can do some nasty stuff). Along with the Tab Manager tool released a little over a month ago, you can now create pages and add them to your main navigation tab area without having to wait for the SourceAudio team at all! We'll be enhancing this feature over time and plan to add the ability to allow you to add links to individual custom pages from your footer. This way your pages don't necessarily have to be in your main navigation tab area to be found. That's coming sometime soon and it will be easy for you to find once it's ready.


Enhanced Album Pages 

Album pages now display album art

You asked for it, you got it. We've had a ton of requests to display album art on album pages so we made it happen. You'll now notice that the black bar at the top of album pages is a little taller, the album art is displayed to the left, and the buttons are better organized off to the right.


Other items in this release

Some other items worth noting that also went out in this latest feature release:

  • The catalog and label drop-down in the search field has been removed. We had issues with it's performance, it didn't really apply to everyone's site, and with the new filter tool flexibility those of you who want to filter by catalog or label can simply add it to the left with the Filter Manager tool.
  • We improved the column name matching in the metadata spreadsheet upload tool. We'll continue to make this tool as intelligent as possible and this latest improvement should help with matching up your spreadsheet to your tracks.
  • You can now import spreadsheets by keying on the track title instead of the filename. Some spreadsheets don't have filenames included and we struggled with matching those up. Now you can match on track title and as long as the title on the site matches the title on the spreadsheet, all of your other metdata fields should fall right in line.
  • Safari wasn't correctly sizing the title field and was cutting off some characters - this is now fixed too.

That's it for this release - more to come very soon!

Saturday, 3 December 2011