What We’re Working On

SourceAudio has new music licensing features launching soon

These are some of the major initiatives we're working on to help you grow

From time to time we like to give everyone a peek into what's going on at SourceAudio beyond general site and client support. We've always got some big initiatives in the queue that we chip away at on a daily basis. We're fast approaching 100 music seller (library) sites on the network and we just launched version 1 of the buyer network yesterday in the form of 7 new sites for LA-based theatrical marketing companies. There's a lot of great stuff happening so we figured we'd give you a look into what's being worked on now and what's coming down the pipe. We think you'll really like what you'll see.

  1. Beta launch and support of the first 7 Buyer sites. We just launched a handful of buyer sites and we're working with these clients to help them get familiar with the site and everything they have to offer. We're also improving the filtering options so search is as simple and accurate as possible. Ease of use and discovery is critical on these sites.
  2. Fixing/enhancing the cue sheet builder. Many sites have the cue sheet tool enabled (email me if you don't have it enabled and you want it turned on) and while it works, it's not perfect. We're tightening that up as we speak.
  3. Fixing how waveforms are generated on new uploads. Some of you have noticed issues with waveforms not generating properly on new uploads. We're fixing that. You won't see that happen any longer in the near future.
  4. Direct & instant file downloads in project emails. Just like YouSendIt:  you receive an email, there's a link to download within the email body, and you simply click to download everything in the zip. We're making that happen for your project emails right now.
  5. Project sharing. That's right, collaborative projects - think Google docs. You can create a project, share it with other admins, and anyone can add tracks, remove tracks, and send it to clients at anytime. It's a neat way to collaborate with your team.
  6. Intelligent filtering in search. If I search, "ambient", the genre "Country" probably doesn't apply. So, we're going to gray out any filter options that don't have tracks associated to them on any given search and subsequent filtering. This way the user gets a better indication up front as to where the tracks are and they will (more than likely) never go down a path that returns 0 tracks.
  7. The Requests Messaging system. Built into each buyer site is a simple form where the buyer can create a new music request and instantly send it out to the libraries on their site. Those libraries will then get an indication that a new request has been posted and they'll be able to log in, read the specifics of the request, and then reply directly through their SourceAudio site with the tracks they think will be perfect for the buyer's specific needs. This is a great new tool to communicate directly with buyers and to submit tracks to every one of their requests.

That's the big stuff for now! Of course once all of these are out the door we'll be moving on to the next big items that include things like sub-admin accounts (for salespeople who need access to certain admin functions but not all of the tools), improving the user lookup & stats section, and much more. Stay tuned as those items get closer to launch!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012