Leveraging the Statistics Panel for Rapid Growth

Data is a hot commodity and an integral part of a company’s plan for success. SourceAudio offers statistics features designed to offer actionable insights that music companies can leverage for rapid business growth.

Identifying Your Greatest Assets

The statistics panel makes it easy to track down your greatest assets: your most active users, and the tracks that receive the most interaction. Visit the Music Stats section for play and download insights for every track, album, artist, or catalog on your site. Grouping and sorting tools make it easy to quantify the performance of your material and identify what sounds are in high demand with potential for growth. 

For a deeper dive into any single track’s performance, admins can access a Stats and Activity page on each track’s listing where every play and download on that track is logged with the user’s information (if the activity is from a logged out user an IP address is listed) and the exact date and time of the activity.

To view activity by user, visit the User Stats section where all activity data is aggregated by user login listing. View all the plays and downloads by any single user.  Sort users by greatest play or download activity over the last day, month, week, or year. Get a clear picture of your most active customers.

By utilizing these carefully designed panels, you can quickly and easily see a clear picture of the assets and growth opportunities that can be leveraged to build a successful business plan.

Identifying Trends and User Response

As new releases are rolled out, it’s critical to track how they are received and how customer behavior evolves. 

Use the Company Sent section of the statistics panel to view complete stats on all sent playlists, albums, and tracks. Within this section, you can click to expand any sent listing to display when it was sent, who it was sent to, how many times the link was opened, and all the plays and downloads from that send. If you only want to see the listings you’ve sent from your own account in specific, these same insights are available from the Sent section in your User Dashboard.

Determining what clients are searching for is another key component to tracking evolving customer behavior. Visit the Search Trends section of the statistics panel to view the top 100 most used search entries of the day, the last week, the last month, or over the entire history of your site. Check this list regularly to gauge trends and identify opportunities.

Finally, to acquire your site’s play and download data in its most raw form, head to the User Stats section and use the export tools seen on the lower right-hand side. These exports provide full spreadsheets of sitewide activity from all users within any given date parameter. 

> Use “Export Cumulative User Report” to export a spreadsheet of play/download history for all relevant users. (I.e. User-centric data).

> Use “Export User Report With Tracks” to export a spreadsheet of all plays and downloads, listing complete track metadata, time of play/download, and user information of who played/downloaded (I.e. Track-centric data). 

Note that the “Export User Report With Tracks” export provides complete metadata for all the play and download listings. All correlations and patterns are on display so that businesses can identify and quantify every aspect of their users’ behavior.

Capitalize on the wealth of data SourceAudio supplies for music companies. Track demand, supply the evolving market, position your company for success.

Friday, 14 August 2020