SourceAudio ONE for Music Libraries and Rights Holders

SourceAudio ONE is a new, market-driven paradigm in sync licensing where music libraries and rights holders can opt-in to deals with major content creators. It's ONE end-to-end solution fulfilling the full scope of creative, rights clearance, and delivery needs in today’s multi-platform era.

Filling a Need for ONE Music Licensing Solution

Broadcasters & content creators operate across all media channels and need their content to be cleared for YouTube, social media, streaming services, apps, websites, podcasts, and beyond.

They’re seeking ONE centralized music licensing solution that offers all the best music with the convenience and flexibility to distribute to every platform. Instead of jumping between services, they’re seeking ONE source for all the music they need with a grant of rights that meets their team’s specific needs… no matter where they are or what they’re producing.

Opt-Into Deals with Broadcasters, Brands, and All Types of Media Companies

SourceAudio ONE offers music libraries and rights holders the opportunity to instantly license their music to the broadcasters and brands who are seeking this one-of-a-kind licensing solution. 

All libraries on the SourceAudio platform have the opportunity to participate by opting-in on a deal-by-deal basis. Music suppliers are paid an up-front sync fee (a percentage of the total blanket fee) and also earn applicable royalties when their music performs on TV or anywhere their PRO collects for them.

Music libraries and rights holders get:

• Full transparency and reporting

• Instant access to license their music to global media enterprises

• All SourceAudio’s asset management and delivery tools to optimize their tracks for discoverability

… while SourceAudio ONE handles the rest.

Questions? Reach out to support@sourceaudio.com!

Saturday, 27 February 2021