Fiture Talks Fitness Mirror Music and Product Features

Fiture is the leading interactive fitness mirror including gesture control, rep counting, and form  feedback using breakthrough Motion Engine™ technology for maximum efficiency and  precision. In our interview, Fiture’s Creative Music + Audio Manager Robert Rudkin shares a comprehensive overview of their products’ features, the kinds of music they offer and seek out, and what’s next at Fiture.

Can you give us a basic rundown of the different types of exercises in Fiture?

We have such a great variety of classes and an amazing cast of talented and knowledgeable  instructors! We offer boxing, HIIT, strength, Pilates, cardio sculpt, meditation, yoga, and dance  cardio. Members can filter our classes by experience level to find ones that fit their needs or  create their own customizable workouts. 

Fiture is chock-full of great features from the central features, like Motion Engine™  form feedback, down to the little things that can dramatically improve the  experience, like the ability to control the volume of the music vs the volume of the  instructor. Are there any particular features that you especially like to highlight?  

I love the fact that you have full control of the music and the instructor's voice. I'm Fiture's  biggest music fan, but sometimes I prefer to dial back the music and bring up the instructor to  about 30% music, 70% instructor. I love that each class has a completely fresh playlist expertly  curated by our music team with our instructors. With the music and instructor volumes locked in  and the Motion Engine™ providing responsive cues with its own unique sound design, it's a very immersive class environment. The speakers are AMAZING, so if you have forgiving neighbors, crank it up!! 

What genres of music get played the most played in Fiture?  

Our instructors and music team love blending genres, so in any given class you may hear a good  mix of modern pop, rock, EDM, house, tropical pop, reggaeton, and other Latin vibes.  

Is there a particular type of music that Fiture wants to add more of?

Right now, we're gearing up production on a new modality called Dance Cardio, and we'd love to  dive further into the Latin dance world, like salsa and tango. Other than that, we are always looking for great music to bring our classes to the next level.  

Have there been any learning experiences or turning points that made a meaningful  impact on the Fiture product?

It's behind the scenes, but we recently moved our entire company into a new studio where we can create classes and handle everything else Fiture has to offer under one roof. It's been great  harnessing all of the brainpower of our team and giving everyone a place to come in and be a  physical part of the Fiture magic. 

Any upcoming developments at Fiture that you would like to share?

We're really excited about our new product, Fiture Mini. It has all the great features of Fiture Core, like our Motion Engine™ technology and all of our classes, but in a more compact frame and at a really competitive price. I love that our hardware blends seamlessly into your home, and Fiture Mini brings it to the next level! We're hoping it brings people that were on the fence into the world of digital connected fitness.

Wednesday, 26 October 2022