Client Feature: SottoPhonic Music Talks Quality Over Quantity

SottoPhonic Music was launched in 2019 by composer/songwriter Stephen R Phillips, who in 2001 founded the TV and film song catalog Bosshouse Music. Springboarding off of Bosshouse’s years of success, SottoPhonic focuses on creative partnerships in television, film, and advertising. In our interview, Composer & Owner Stephen Phillips shares how he’s grown the company in the five years since its formation.

How did SottoPhonic Music first begin? What did the business look like in the early days?

SottoPhonic’s genesis began in 2018, shortly after I sold the remaining publishing interest in The Bosshouse Music Library and embarked upon the creation of a new music catalog entity. The early days of SottoPhonic consisted of me donating unused score cues from various shows I was scoring and collaborating with a select group of artists on songs. The early SottoPhonic edict was quality over quantity, and we’ve kept that boutique style even as we’ve grown to offer a variety of artists and genres.

What kinds of sounds or genres have been most in demand from your clientele recently? 

Alternative rock, rock, alt americana, and hip hop/rap.

Is there any specific customer sector that’s experiencing rapid growth right now?

Sports – alternative rock and hip hop. The sports sector of our business has been an ever-growing one, and as the content has grown, with much of it being catered to sports specifically, this has helped SottoPhonic delve even further into this sector, secure successful blanket deals, and garner needle drop rates that compete with commercial music.

What’s the best way to get a music supervisor to listen to your tracks?

Personal one-to-one reaching out. To simply call on one of our many long-time supervisor clients from The Bosshouse Days. In addition, we continue to develop new relationships. It’s the personal level that counts.  

Do you pursue any marketing initiatives to make the company stand out from the crowd? Or does most of your business development happen through direct communication.

Direct communication and reputation from 20 years of Bosshouse Music.

Is your music available to listen to on DSPs?    

Yes.  A portion of our music, mainly artist songs and scores that have been placed in film/tv, are available on DSPs such as Spotify & Apple Music. 

Where does SottoPhonic Music source its material? Are you currently looking for new composers?  

SottoPhonic is primarily artist-driven with me at the helm along with a close-knit, small group of artists, composers, and producers.

Any advice for up-and-coming sound designers, composers, or recordists striving to create professional, industry-quality tracks?

Listen more than you speak… work hard to achieve your 10,000 hours... and musically speaking, focus on doing great work that communicates your own unique voice.

Does SottoPhonic Music have a company mission that guides business development or client experience?      

From this perspective, SottoPhonic operates from an old-school ethos: maintain personal relationships built on 20 years of earned trust and always exhale amidst the craziness of deadlines – to do our best to give the client exactly what it is they’re trying to communicate. 

Any all-time favorite placements?      

Grey’s Anatomy, Garnier Fructis, and our 250 individual song licenses in the Showtime series SHAMELESS.

Thursday, 16 February 2023