Use the Release Notes field to let us know if any of these conditions apply to your DSP distribution release

By SourceAudio | Updated August 22, 2023

IMPORTANT: Before proceeding, please review our complete guide to how your SourceAudio fields show up on DSPs (CLICK HERE), then review your metadata on your tracks before batching your releases to ensure that you’re importing all the correct data in the correct fields for your release.

Please review this list before ingesting any release to be sure you’re providing all the necessary information. If any of the bolded conditions are relevant to your release, just use following instructions to include the relevant information in the Release Notes field.

  1. 1. You already have an artist profile, and you want this release to appear on that artist profile. Please include a link to the artist’s Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music pages in the release notes. For example, start by opening the Spotify desktop app and viewing the artist profile, click the three-dot icon next to the Follow button » Share » Copy link to artist. The link should look and function like this for Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7w29UYBi0qsHi5RTcv3lmA?si=b6jEqAj9SdqyuMJ3jxznlw
    This for Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/bj%C3%B6rk/295015
    And this for YouTube Music: https://music.youtube.com/channel/UCAjidy3vxRkgGVNIFqZMl_Q

  2. 2. Your artist has a common name shared by other artists on DSPs. If the artist does not have an artist profile on DSPs yet, use the Release Notes field to make a note letting us know the artist’s name is a common one so we can ensure they get their own new artist profile. If they already have an artist profile, see item 1 above.

  3. 3. You want to customize which DSPs your release is distributed to. Use the Release Notes field to either 1) specify which platforms should be excluded, or 2) specify the only platforms you’d like your release to be distributed to—whichever of the two is a shorter list. You can find a complete list of the DSPs that we distribute to here toward the bottom of the page on a white background.

  4. 4. You’re taking this release over from another DSP distributor. Please follow our instructions here to take over a release from another DSP distributor.

  5. 5. Your release includes Dolby Atmos Files. If so, use the Release Notes to include a note of this and a Dropbox or Wetransfer link to download the Dolby Atmos audio files.

  6. 6. Your release should be distributed on Beatport. See scenarios A and B below.

  7. » A) You already have a label page on Beatport. If so, your Release Notes should contain a link to your existing Beatport label profile page.

  8. » B) You do not yet have a label page on Beatport. If this is the case, your Release Notes should include a download link to a 4000×4000 pixel JPEG or PNG file to serve as your logo on your new Beatport label page. Please include a note in the Release Notes confirming that the image is for the creation of a Beatport profile.

  9. If none of these criteria apply, you don’t need to add anything to the Release Notes field.

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