11 Reasons to Make SourceAudio’s AI-Powered Metadata Your Secret Weapon

By SourceAudio | Updated October 19, 2023

SourceAudio is the all-in-one platform for managing, optimizing, distributing, monitoring, and monetizing your music assets from end-to-end. Our verified best-in-class, AI-powered, generative metadata solution produces results so consistently good that you’ll never have to spend time – or additional budgets – manually tagging your content ever again. Your metadata shouldn’t be just a subjective snapshot in time; it should continuously get better, more comprehensive, more consistent, more objective, less biased, and on time/on trend. It future-proofs your catalog at a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional or alternative methods out there.

Our generative metadata solution is the competitive edge you’ve been searching for, now and into the future. Join the metadata revolution and start reaping the rewards with SourceAudio’s AI-powered tagging solution. Unlock the full potential of your catalog today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Here are 11 reasons to make it your secret weapon:

1. Future-proof your metadata – As your existing tags become limited, stale, or outdated, our generative metadata solution improves over time.

2. Competitive edge – Sophisticated, accurate, instant, and continuously optimized metadata gives you an edge over everyone else who requires much more time and larger budgets to get theirs done.

3. More comprehensive – AI can pull from a vast, growing, adapting database of descriptive words versus humans who are limited to a more biased and subjective set of potential descriptors. 

4. Eliminates bias – Our AI tagging is objective based on musical qualities, not personal tastes, and can capture the essence of songs far more comprehensively.

5. Identifies more genres, moods, and styles – Our AI tagging can pinpoint granular nuances that humans may miss, and it can be far more comprehensive than human tagging or alternative tagging solutions.

6. Stays up to date on language – Our AI models constantly improve and stay current on how people search for and describe the music they’re looking for.

7. Stays up to date on trends – AI models improve over time and stay current on evolving musical styles that exist today but may not have been around the last time you tagged your music.

8. Works 24/7 automatically – Our AI is constantly working so all new music you upload gets instantly tagged with the most optimal, consistent array of descriptors available anywhere.

9. Cost effective – At as low as $0.40 per song, you know your entire catalog + all new music you add will be instantly tagged and optimized for you – hassle and effort-free.

10. Consistent, continuous quality – AI has no lapses in focus like a human, and as time goes by your catalog is continuously being optimized making your metadata better and better as time goes by.

11. Better discoverability – More comprehensive, accurate, continuously optimized metadata improves searching, recommendations, playlisting, thus creating additional opportunities and putting your best foot forward for discoverability 24/7/365.

Our AI generates more metadata that stays relevant, leading to better catalog optimization, insights, discoverability, and opportunity creation on a day-to-day basis. Get on the waitlist now to be the first in line to benefit from our best-in-class Generative Metadata solution the instant it becomes available in less than one month from now – November 2023. 

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