Q1 2024 Highlights: The biggest releases and updates for optimizing your business

By SourceAudio | Updated April 18, 2024

1. SourceAudio now hosts over 30 MILLION tracks platform wide. Need music? Get in touch to tap into more music with best-in-class AI tools so you can find BETTER tracks FASTER than ever before!  🎉 🎉

2. AI-powered playlist generation. Effortlessly create playlists with a simple text prompt. Our proprietary tech and method leverages natural language, AI metadata, and AI Sonic Search to cater to any mood, occasion, or theme, delivering outsized results that will leave you and your clients amazed! ▶️ 🔊

3. AI Metadata v1.1 is live! We rolled out our first major metadata update in Q1, enhancing diversity, relevance, and precision across all AI track tagging. Plus, updates are instantly applied to already-tagged music, ensuring that your AI metadata always stays cutting edge and on trend. ✨

4. AI Metadata tagging is now self serve – with 20 FREE TAGS! Dramatically improving discovery and future-proofing your catalog is now a simple three-step process in your admin panel. And your first 20 tags are 100% FREE – try it out now! ⚡️

5. Send great-looking emails with our new design! We completely redesigned track, album, and playlist delivery emails to highlight your music with clear customizable branding. Try it out now to impress your clients and majorly upgrade your music delivery. 📬

5. Use TikTok with Sonic Search to find a song that’s EXACTLY the vibe you’re looking for. Just paste the link into your search bar, and our AI does the rest. We analyze the audio and return the absolute best matches to save you valuable time and effort. Coming soon – Spotify links! 🎧 🤖

Thank you for being a part of this incredible first quarter! 

We can’t wait for you to start using all these tools coming your way in the rest of 2024! 🚀

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