Protect Your Audio Assets With AI-Resistant Security

Safeguard your musical works from unauthorized AI sampling & reproduction across DSPs, platforms, and access points, upholding the integrity of IP ownership and custodianship of your music assets.


    The era of AI has created two distinct but very separate groups: those protecting creator IP versus those exploiting assets as "fair use." AudioGuard™ proudly joins the rightsholders' corner, integrating proprietary audio protection to obstruct unauthorized AI models from training on or replicating existing works. Platforms, publishers and streamers alike can take a stand - either do all you can to safeguard music from generative copycats, or potentially play a role in unauthorized AI sampling creativity into oblivion.


    DSPs: Uphold IP rights and commercial alliances in the age of AI, signaling a commitment to trusted, ethical custodianship of third party assets

    Record labels & publishers: Shield vocal style, melody, lyrics, musical elements from unapproved imitation

    Media firms: Restrict brand sound asset usage beyond agreed context

    Gaming & audio production: Prevent competitors copying signature sounds, effects, ambiances


    AI Confusion: Proprietary distortion pollutes training algorithms

    Future-Proof: Constantly evolves against generative AI advances

    Lightweight: Minimal footprint doesn't impact quality or end-listener experience

    Universal: Applies across streaming, downloads, API access

    Usage Insights: Built-in analytics


    Future-proof your catalog value, your brand assets, and most crucially your music rightsholder relationships against unapproved generative exploitation. Signal to partners that your organization is leading the pack in ethical content custodianship. Whether you’re a DSP, publisher, or broadcaster, getting ahead of the curve with AudioGuard™ puts you in the best position possible to safeguard your business and your creative alliances.

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