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Launch: Manhattan Music

Manhattan Music

Manhattan Music Launches with 24,295 Tracks

With almost 25,000 tracks, Manhattan Music launches the newest music licensing site on the SourceAudio platform. Their catalog consists of 7 labels and over 450 albums from 7,000+ artists. Dig into their music to see all they have to offer and listen out for their songs in a television show, movie, trailer or other major production coming to you soon.


3 Launches: Tone Row, Datolite Records, and Winogradsky/Sobel

Three more production music libraries have launched on the platform this month. That brings us to 17 partner libraries and over 200,000 songs on the platform this year. Pretty exciting. With many more partner sites in the queue and exciting features set to launch soon (like real-time online music licensing) we're really looking forward to a big 2011. Take a second to check out the music from our friends at Tone Row, Datolite Records, and Winogradsky/Sobel Global Media Solutions.



cue Mx production music for license

cue Mx Gives Their Branded Music Site a New Look

Source Audio's advanced customization features allow clients to make their search, distribution and licensing website look and feel exactly as they wish. While other sites, tools, and platform only allow for minimal customization, we turn creative control over to the client. From logos to buttons to text to backgrounds to waveforms, we allow you total control over how it all comes together. The guys at cue Mx just relaunched their site with a really cool new look and feel that shows some of the customization capabilities we offer.


What’s on the Roadmap?

Source Audio roadmap

What you can expect down the road from Source Audio

It's always fun to have internal conversations about what's on the product roadmap but rarely do those plans get shared externally. At Source Audio we have so many cool features in the pipeline that we want let everyone know. The best part is, no matter how many features we release to help you grow your music licensing and distribution business, our pricing stays the same. The features, tools and levels of customization just get better and better and all you need to do is wait for them to come. So, here's a brief outline of what we expect to launch in the next few months. If all goes as planned our current and future partners will soon be able to take advantage of the following features in the not-too-distant future:

  • Advanced statistics and reporting dashboard: With this tool you can view site usage reports & charts that give you up-to-date information on plays, downloads, project tracking, who's sending tracks, who's downloading tracks, who you've sent tracks to, who has played and downloaded those sent tracks, and much more.
  • Increased user management and control: Set up new users, control their download/playback access permissions, determine what countries you want your music to be available in, and more.
  • User upload tool: This tool will allow our partners to batch upload tracks to their music search site. The batch upload will also guide them through adding/editing metadata on individual songs or on all songs at once, associate alternate versions of the same track together, and of course publish tracks live to their site.

Stay tuned for updates and more partner site launches. There's much more coming soon!


Launch: Ed Wood Music

Ed Wood Music

Ed Wood Music's Search and Distribution Website for Music Licensing

We're up to 15 and counting now. Ed Wood Music has launched their search, distribution and music licensing website on the Source Audio platform. With 1,361 songs available for license it makes them one of our medium-sized catalog partners with super high-quality production cues for license. Check out their music right here ».

More launches and announcements coming very soon!

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