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Fiture Talks Fitness Mirror Music and Product Features

Fiture is the leading interactive fitness mirror including gesture control, rep counting, and form  feedback using breakthrough Motion Engine™ technology for maximum efficiency and  precision. In our interview, Fiture’s Creative Music + Audio Manager Robert Rudkin shares a comprehensive overview of their products’ features, the kinds of music they offer and seek out, and what’s next at Fiture.

Can you give us a basic rundown of the different types of exercises in Fiture?

We have such a great variety of classes and an amazing cast of talented and knowledgeable  instructors! We offer boxing, HIIT, strength, Pilates, cardio sculpt, meditation, yoga, and dance  cardio. Members can filter our classes by experience level to find ones that fit their needs or  create their own customizable workouts. 

Fiture is chock-full of great features from the central features, like Motion Engine™  form feedback, down to the little things that can dramatically improve the  experience, like the ability to control the volume of the music vs the volume of the  instructor. Are there any particular features that you especially like to highlight?  

I love the fact that you have full control of the music and the instructor's voice. I'm Fiture's  biggest music fan, but sometimes I prefer to dial back the music and bring up the instructor to  about 30% music, 70% instructor. I love that each class has a completely fresh playlist expertly  curated by our music team with our instructors. With the music and instructor volumes locked in  and the Motion Engine™ providing responsive cues with its own unique sound design, it's a very immersive class environment. The speakers are AMAZING, so if you have forgiving neighbors, crank it up!! 

What genres of music get played the most played in Fiture?  

Our instructors and music team love blending genres, so in any given class you may hear a good  mix of modern pop, rock, EDM, house, tropical pop, reggaeton, and other Latin vibes.  

Is there a particular type of music that Fiture wants to add more of?

Right now, we're gearing up production on a new modality called Dance Cardio, and we'd love to  dive further into the Latin dance world, like salsa and tango. Other than that, we are always looking for great music to bring our classes to the next level.  

Have there been any learning experiences or turning points that made a meaningful  impact on the Fiture product?

It's behind the scenes, but we recently moved our entire company into a new studio where we can create classes and handle everything else Fiture has to offer under one roof. It's been great  harnessing all of the brainpower of our team and giving everyone a place to come in and be a  physical part of the Fiture magic. 

Any upcoming developments at Fiture that you would like to share?

We're really excited about our new product, Fiture Mini. It has all the great features of Fiture Core, like our Motion Engine™ technology and all of our classes, but in a more compact frame and at a really competitive price. I love that our hardware blends seamlessly into your home, and Fiture Mini brings it to the next level! We're hoping it brings people that were on the fence into the world of digital connected fitness.

Wednesday, 26 October 2022
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How to Use Automation to Enhance the Musicality of Your Track

Use volume or eq automation to add depth to elements in your productions.

Adding dynamic, automated EQ or volume can add a ton to recordings or synthesized sound. 

With volume automation, you can create percussive, attack-heavy rhythms, or use long, smooth automations to create swells. This can be the performance in itself, but if you have a performance that has come out a bit monotone, or isn’t really popping the way you want it to, this kind of automation can take the motion of the performance to the next level. Just use the automation to boost on the emphasis, and listen to the difference. 

Same idea with EQ. The contrast of a filter being turned up or down in unison with the performance itself can add a whole new dimension to take your track to the next level.

For example, you can use drastic, quick automation over a steady held chord over a one or two bar phrase, then, loop, that phrase, to get a rich, interesting sound, from what was previously a static sound.

This can also enter into the territory of side chaining. By making dips in your tracks’ volume—except for one instrument sounding on its own during the dip—you can create a drastic impact and let a key element in a track shine without having to turn the volume up through the roof.

Of course you can use automation to bring in or out any effect over any period of time. Reverb, delay, and saturation are all great candidates, but volume and EQ are the two that can be used in rapid flux to create groove and motion.

Automation is an incredibly flexible, tool, and its applications are as expensive as the imagination of the user. Get comfortable with automation and enjoy the myriad of possibilities it brings to your productions.

Tuesday, 18 October 2022
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Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say About YouTube Content ID from SourceAudio

How has SourceAudio’s YouTube Content ID suite impacted these businesses? Our clients are sharing their experiences in their own words.

“SourceAudio's YouTube Content ID has become an essential part of the income stream for my library. In the most recent quarter, I received over $5000 in Content ID income on JUST ONE SONG! I highly recommend SourceAudio and their YouTube Content ID platform to anyone looking for new and additional ways to monetize their catalog.”

– Hollywood Trax

“A big concern with our clients in social media is the fear of a campaign being pulled down over copyright issues. The seamless integration of the claiming process in SourceAudio allows us to grant permissions instantly and give our customers the security that everything will launch without any glitches.”

– HAUS Music+Sound

“The best thing I can say about SourceAudio YouTube Content ID is how little I truly have to think about it—all our new releases register automatically (except for any categories I’ve excluded in the settings panel), and earnings post to our account each quarter, simple as that. Plus, since the metadata in the reports perfectly matches the library data in our royalty software, it takes me all of 5 minutes to ingest detailed track earnings so our artists can see exactly which songs of theirs are getting played. Good stuff.”

– The Hit House

“Current Music has used SourceAudio for capturing the necessary data to efficiently monetize our catalog's usage on YouTube for years. We receive accurate reports quarterly, separated by catalog, which is a huge help paying our rights holders. The Content ID program has made it so easy, all we have to do is wait for the check – and we are very happy with the results.”
- Current Music

“I’ve been thrilled with the YouTube Content ID service provided by SourceAudio. Finally, I can manage all my tracks and monitor my content in real-time without waiting for the end of the month or longer. SourceAudio's tools have been reliable, easy to use, and powerful for my business.”

– San Music

Our powerful tools, our reliable customer service, and our unmatched ease of use make us the clear choice for industry professionals.

Join our many satisfied clients and email sales@sourceaudio.com to earn more from your YouTube royalties – collect at 100-0 split for your first 90 days!

Thursday, 13 October 2022
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Congratulations to All the Mark Award Winners on the SourceAudio Platform!

We’re so proud to have all of these award-winning companies on SourceAudio. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition at this year’s Mark Awards at the PMC!


Hip Hop Track of the Year
“He’s Been Good”
Rasheed Jamal Washington & Farnell Newton
In collaboration with SOUNDS OF RED BULL

Orchestral Track of the Year
“Welcome Home”
Damien Deshayes
In collaboration with SUPERPITCH

Contemporary R&B Track of the Year
Ciel Eckard-Lee, Andrew Allen & Derian Higginbotham
In collaboration with BIGGER STORY MUSIC

Folk Track of the Year
“Underneath The Moonlight”
Jeffrey Thomas Kightly & David Goldsmith
In collaboration with THE HOME OF HAPPY


Crime/Investigative Track of the Year
“Dark Desires”
Saul Guanipa

Best Cover Art
Mark Brye


Best Use in a Documentary Film/Series
“Cesare Lombroso and His Ghosts”
Francesco Cerrato

Jazz Track of the Year
“Criminal Swing”
Alessandro Di Virgilio


Vocal Performance of the Year
“I Am Unstoppable”
AJ Afterparty

Country Track of the Year
“57 Coup de Ville”
Mike Noble & Randy Hart


Pop Track of the Year
“Be Mine”
Shanell Woodgett, Anthony Arasi, Patrick Avard & Caleb Tillman
In collaboration with VIVE MUSIC


Suspense Track of the Year
“Little Nightmares”
Gabriel Saban


Best Use in a Movie Trailer
“That There”
Manus Dunbar, Stephen Ruchelman & Samuel Grace
In collaboration with BEAT XPLOSION


Best Use in a Video Game Trailer
“Soar (featuring Daisy Gray)”
Qiaro Xue, Yue Wu

John Houlihan, Senior Vice President at FOX MUSIC

Winner of the Ambassador Award

And a very special thank you to the PMA for another fantastic convention!

Friday, 7 October 2022
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New Music Libraries on the Platform: ThrillerTracks, Kozmic Debris, Chad Laniewski Music, Will’s Audio Lab, YellaUmbrella Music

We’re thrilled to share that the following music libraries have just joined the SourceAudio platform!

ThrillerTracks - Listen Here

ThrillerTracks is a US-based production music record label established by producer Shane Cormier that provides high-quality production music to the media world. Their roster includes production artists Ghouls of Hollywood and Hello Tokyo, who specifically produce albums for film, television, streaming tv, social media, advertising, and interactive video games. ThrillerTracks also owns and operates the publishing company Limited Artists Music Publishing, affording their clients immediate clearance for master and synchronization rights. The label primarily specializes in producing suspense, drama, horror, and thriller genres. The music from the ThrillerTracks catalog has been featured in Lexus and BMW auto commercials in Germany and the Netherlands.

Kozmic Debris - Listen Here

Kozmic Debris is a unique collection of powerful, emotional, dynamic, dramatic, transformative, and eclectic production music made for the creative content producer who wants more than the typical “inside the box” soundtrack. Lead composer Ed Grenga and his partner Doug Stevens have drawn on their years of experience in film, documentary, and TV to put together a library that will make your project come alive. Instead of the typical genres like rock, jazz, orchestral, etc., Kozmic Debris is about the vibe, mood, and imagery the music evokes.

Chad Laniewski - Listen Here

Chad Laniewski Music is a production music library that provides broadcast-ready tracks for TV, film, gaming, film trailers, and more. In the past, founder Chad Laniewski has worked with Down Boys Music and also served as a contract composer for various TV shows. Placement credits include programming on NBC, Discovery, E!, AMC, The History Channel, A&E, and much more. Keep an eye out for Chad's latest release, a new album specifically for use in trailers, coming soon!

Will's Audio Lab - Listen Here

Will's Audio Lab, brought to you by the Will Morgan Group, provides unique sounds for all your synchronization needs. The company carries a historic reputation for producing high-quality music and sound with an unmatched passion for working with creatives to bring music and copy to life. Their SourceAudio site hosts a premium collection of production-ready tracks designed for a broad range of usages.

YellaUmbrella Music - Listen Here

YellaUmbrella Music is an independent music library company founded in 2001 by composer Randy L. Jones, who has licensed and composed music for a variety of film and television projects. With over twenty years of experience, YellaUmbrella focuses on instrumental music whose primary objective is to assist in the storytelling process. The company's main goal is to provide high-quality, original music to the broadcast community.

Sunday, 2 October 2022
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