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What’s New? Your SourceAudio Updates for March 2014


We're always working away on new features, programs and opportunities for all of our partners on the platform. We have a lot of great stuff to share with you this month so let's get right into it!

» Business Updates

  • Alpha Music Libraries has officially launched and we're excited to announce that we've already signed several radio station cluster blanket deals in large U.S. markets! Word is out that we've got the newest, freshest, and largest production music product for radio and stations are jumping on board. In addition to the clusters who have already signed, we've got a TON of demos out to stations across the country and we're excited to get them on board soon as well. All great news for each of you Alpha Music Libraries program participants!
  • Our new YouTube channel recently launched and we'll be adding more and more tutorial/walkthrough videos to it over time. Jarrett is knocking those out on a regular basis so feel free to point your clients and team members to this great video how-to resource anytime they would like a little instruction on how to best use the platform. You can find it anytime right here:
  • We will be at NAB all week long, and we're sharing a booth with 5 Alarm Music so if you're going to be at the show in Vegas during the first week of April, come by and see us!

» New Licensing & Distribution Opportunities

There are two new licensing & distribution opportunities we will be making available to you in the Programs & Opportunities section of your admin panels within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for full details on the two following licensing programs coming your way soon!

  • Radley Studios: Presented by Clutch Music Supervision, make your music available for license in television shows & specials created by Radley Studios.
  • CORE Media: Also presented by Clutch Music Supervision, make your music available for license in television shows & specials created by CORE Media.

» Product Enhancements & New Features

Here's what's new on the platform:

  • SOLR 4: We upgraded to the newest version of SOLR - the core search tech that powers many/most of the content and media sites we all use everyday - so searches and page loading is faster than ever.
  • New artist pages: We've enhanced the artist and composer pages to show larger images and to also display the artist/composer's bio whenever it's available in the metadata.
  • Send Grid: Send Grid is a great tool that helps system-sent emails to arrive in the recipient's inbox instead of their spam folder and it works great. SourceAudio now runs Send Grid to be sure your emails are always received and tests show that it's working incredibly well.
  • Multiple playlist tabs: Now when you publish playlists you can assign it to more than 1 playlist tab. Playlist tabs can be named and managed like any other tab and you can have as many as you'd like! Just publish a playlist and you'll see how to create your newest playlist tab.
  • Audio player enhancement: You'll notice that the player at the top of the site now always displays a small timeline scrubber, making it very easy for users to scrub through songs when they navigate away from the page they were on or when they are viewing their tracks in simple mode (sans waveform).
  • Stem/Alt-mix zip file downloads: Now you and your users have the options to download all related stems/alt mixes for a track when alt mixes are present and available. The download experience is the same as it was before, but you now have the option to download the single file or all related files at once.

» What else are we working on?

Lots of great stuff coming soon. Here are the highlights:

  • License ID: We're integrating a new technology created by our friends at Audiosocket called "License ID" that will allow copyright owners to more effectively manage and track their licensed audio files through a new watermarking and monitoring technology. Full details coming soon!
  • Shazam: In the near future anyone hosting music on SourceAudio will be able to instantly have their music assets fingerprinted and indexed by Shazam, making their music instantly identifiable by anyone who tags a piece of content containing their song(s). This opens up some really cool identification and post-engagement opportunities for music reps and brands associated to the content.

We hope you enjoyed this month's update. Stay tuned for another update next month and we look forward to seeing a lot of you in Vegas!

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Listen: Dan Korobkin Breaks Down SourceAudio and the Music Licensing Business on ExpandMusic with Noel Webb

SourceAudio's very own Dan Korobkin joined Noel Webb on ExpandMusic with Noel Webb to talk SourceAudio and Music Licensing.  Listen to Dan and Noel as they take a deep dive into the evolution of the music licensing business and how SourceAudio is stepping up to meet the growing needs of music buyers and sellers.



Be sure to listen to the show at ExpandMusic with Noel Webb .  For more information on SourceAudio, please visit us at

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Check Out a Variety of Tutorial & Walkthrough Videos Now Available on Our YouTube Channel

Visit Our New YouTube Channel!

Visit Our New YouTube Channel!

A Great New Resource For You and Your Clients

Ever wish you had a series of videos you could send to your clients to help them quickly familiarize themselves with your music hosting and distribution site? Well now you can! Jarrett put in a lot of extra work to knock out the first handful of feature-specific tutorial videos you can find on our new YouTube channel. From basic site features to the most advanced admin tool settings and configurations, your team members and clients can now watch and learn how to use the platform faster than ever before. We started out with the most commonly used features and we'll continue to add more and more over time. Check out the following video tutorials right now:

  • Navigating your site - basic layout and organization
  • Keyword search and filtering
  • SonicSearch: find music with music
  • Creating and retrieving saved searches
  • Downloading files
  • Creating and organizing playlists
  • Creating and exporting cue sheets
  • Setting up and using Music Access Profiles

Again, this is just our first pass at what will eventually be a deep library of feature-specific tutorials so if you don't see a specific tutorial today that you think should be there, chances are high that it's coming very soon.

So go for it, check out the new YouTube channel right here!



Assist Young Filmmakers & License Your Music

License Your Music to Students at AFI

License Your Music to Students at AFI

The American Film Institute Music Licensing Program

AFI is America's promise to preserve the history of the motion picture, to honor the artists and their work and to educate the next generation of storytellers. AFI provides leadership in film, television and digital media and is dedicated to initiatives that engage the past, the present and the future of the moving image arts.

AFI offers a two-year program to aspiring filmmakers and each student is required to produce 2 films - one for each year - during their time at AFI. The first-year film is for internal distribution only. Second-year students produce a graduate film that can be distributed to film festivals and a variety of short-film focused digital platforms.

This SourceAudio music licensing program allows libraries to license music on a per-synch basis to students making both first and second-year films. Please visit your Programs and Opportunities section in your Admin Panel to learn more about the program, it's details, and licensing terms. If you'd like to help students enhance the production value of their projects while also earning some revenue from the placements, then this program is for you. Apply and enroll today!


New: Add Comments to Tracks at Specific Points Within Their Timelines

Leave comments for your users & clients to see at specific points in your track's timelines.

Leave comments for your users & clients to see at specific points in your track timelines

Help Your Clients Find What They're Looking for Faster

We're really excited about this new feature and we're happy to get it into your hands today. Admins can now post and pin comments to specific points within a track's timeline so that your users and clients can quickly identify and jump to the key spots in the song you'd like them to hear. You can leave as many comments on a single song as you'd like and you can edit or delete past comments at any time. Comments are visible to all site users and they display on both the track details page and the waveform line listing view of track list pages (see above and below). Any Admin who has comment capabilities enabled (see Admin-role-access post) can post , edit and delete comments on your site.


Comments also appear in the waveform view of track list pages.

Comments also appear in the waveform view of track list pages.

How Do I Post, Edit and Delete Comments?

To post a new comment: Go to the track details page of the song you'd like to comment on by clicking on the track's title. Just above the waveform on the right you'll notice the new comment form field, the "at" field,  and a "Post Comment" button. Simply type your comment into the new field, indicate the point in the timeline (at mm:ss) that you'd like the comment to appear, click "Post Comment" and you're done. Once the comment is posted you and your users will notice a new small marker appearing in the timeline where you placed the comment. As the song plays past the comment marker a new comment bubble overlay will appear to reveal your notes and comments to your users.

To edit or delete a comment: When the comment bubble appears you'll notice two links on the bottom left of the module -- Edit Comment & Delete Comment. Click on each of these and follow the prompts to edit or remove an existing comment.

We hope you get a lot of great use out of this new comments feature. Go comment away!


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