E-Commerce Fees, Terms and Conditions

The License Transaction

SourceAudio.com utilizes PayPal to process all e-commerce transactions on its partner sites allowing your customers to pay with any credit card they choose. All electronic payments and authorizations are secure and are performed in real-time just like any other premium online retailers.


Each online licensing partner will be notified of every new license transaction in two ways. Your SourceAudio site will automatically send via email the license details and purchase amount. The second notification method is via storage of a new entry in the "License History" section of your Dashboard. In this section you will be able to review your entire licensing history and all transactions performed through your site. You can generate simple reports from this tool that will allow you to look at licenses performed by month and year, along with basic details and transaction amounts.


Payments settle via PayPal so please contact their customer service if you wish to learn about payment settling periods.


The basic fee model is $29 per month to have e-commerce capabilities enabled on your site. No fees, commissions, or rev shares apply to the transactions themselves - site owners keep everything that settles via their PayPal account.